Pournami Lottery Results

Kerala Weekly Lottery Pournami (RN)

Kerala lottery department conducts the weekly lottery "Pournami" on every Sundays at 3:00 PM and the Official Kerala lottery results of the same is released by 4:00 PM. "The draw is conducted at C DIT studio, Gorky Bhavan, Bakery junction  Thiruvananthapuram.  " will be the venue of the draw for all Kerala lottery draws. 

There are eight slabs of prizes for the draw of Pournami lottery. The first  prize is Rs.80 Lakh to a single tickets from all the series. Another single ticket common to all series will be awarded with 10 lakh rupees as the second prize. Another ticket common to all series is awarded with 2 lakh rupees as the third prize. The lower slab prizes start from Rs. 5000/-, and go through Rs. 2000/-, Rs. 1000/-, Rs. 500/-, and end in Rs. 100/- . The ticket of the Pournami draw costs (+ GST) Rs 40/-. A maximum number of 1 crore 8 Lakh tickets will be printed according to the sale of the tickets. There are 12 series of tickets for the draw of Pournami. A consolation prize of eight thousand rupees will be awarded to eleven tickets which match the first prize winning number but deffer in series.

Daily Kerala lottery draws are conducted at 3 PM. Kerala lottery result live will be available from then. Official Kerala lottery results are released by 4 PM.

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