Karunya Lottery Results

Kerala Weekly Lottery Karunya

Kerala Weekly lottery Karunya is drawn on every Saturday by Kerala lottery department at C DIT studio, Gorky Bhavan, Bakery junction  Thiruvananthapuram. The draw starts at 3:00 PM and the result is Published by 4:00 PM. find below the 10 previous results of Kerala lottery Karunya.

  One karunya lottery ticket costs Rs 40/-. there will be 80 Lakh, 8 Lakh tickets printed in 12 series. The first prize offered by karunya lottery is Rs 75 Lakh to a ticket to all series. Rs 10 Lakh is given as second prize to a single ticket common to all series. Third prize Rs 1 lakh is awarded to 12 tickets one from each series. The lower slab prizes are Rs -5000/-, Rs -2000/-, Rs -1000/-, Rs -500/-, and Rs -100/- . Eleven consolation prizes of Rs -10,000/- is also provided to those tickets which match the first prize winning number but deffer in series. 

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