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About  www.keralalotteries.info

We www.keralalotteries.info is a self promotional web site to publish publish Kerala lottery results and other details about Kerala lotteries. These include current and up dated prize structure of weekly lotteries, prize structure of new bumper lotteries understanding the Kerala lotteries with their picture and disruptions, calculations on the actual prize amount provided by Kerala lottery department to the prize winners after the deduction of agency commission and income tax, chances win a prize in any draw of Kerala lotteries is provided in our web site. The other felicitate fallible in our site are answers for frequently  asked question on Kerala lotteries, details of winners, how to claim your winning in Kerala lottery draws? and current news on Kerala lotteries. 

 Our website is not related to Kerala lottery department or any Kerala lottery ac agency. The information and result published here are true to the best of our knowledge, but wee are not responsible for any un international mistakes in them.