Kerala Lottery Prize Claiming Procedure and Final Amount to the Winners

It is very important for every players of Kerala lotteries to know how to claim their prizes while they win any prize in a Kerala lottery draw. Kerala lottery keeps a transparent and efficient mode of claiming prizes. It has implemented a simple prize claim procedure but at the same time has taken enough precautions to avoid any mall practices and manipulations in prize claiming. Kerala lottery department requests the players to write their name and address in the space provided for that at the back side of the ticket. Kerala lotteries are non transferable so the prize can be claimed only by the person of whom name is written behind the lottery. If the ticket was purchased jointly, one of the winners should be authorized to receive the prize money by other partners through a joint declaration.

Normally prizes up to Rs.5000/- can be collected from the agents themselves. So there is no need of any paper work from the side of the winners. Just give the winning ticket to an authorized agent and collect the money from him. The prizes more than Rs.5000/- need some paper works from the winner side. Prizes up to rupees one lakh can be processed in district lottery offices. The prizes above one lak rupees shall be processed by the directorate of state lotteries, Thiruvananthapuram. A winner can submit his prize claim directly to the office of the Director of Kerala State Lotteries or proceed thorough any bank. More details are available in the following links.

Prize Claim Procedure

Kerala State Lotteries

Detailed Description on Kerala Lottery Prize Claim

Kerala Lottery Prize Claim Application Form

Kerala Lottery Prize Claim Receipt for the Prize Money

Photo Attesting form | Kerala Lottery prize Claim

The Final Amounts Awarded to the Winners

These information may change according to the decisions made by the Department of State Lotteries or Kerala State Government and Indian Central Government time to time. So you are requested to visit the nearest Kerala lottery office before making a prize claim on you Kerala lottery winning. If you have any doubts please Contact Us for clarification.