Kerala Lottery Draws Postponed : Latest Information on 24.08.2018

Details of Kerala lottery draws postponed due to heavy rain in Kerala. It has been raining heavily in Kerala for last 15 days or more which has affected all the sectors of Kerala state. The sale of lottery has been affected seriously and Kerala Lottery Agents and sellers Union (CITU) secretory Sri. P.R. Jayaprakash as well as All Kerala Lottery Agents and Sellers Congress (INTUC) president Sri. Phileph Joseph have brought forward the situation to the officials of the lottery department and requested Kerala lottery department to postponed the draws of Kerala lottery draws.

The latest information on this issue is that Kerala lottery department has postponed the draws of the dates 16,17,18,19 of August 2018. The draw of 16.08.2018 (Karunya Plus KN-226) will be held on 23.08.2018, 17.08.2018 (Nirmal NR-82) is postponed to 24.08.2018 and draw of , 19.08.2018 (Pournami RN-353) is postponed to 26.08.2018.

Latest News : Three draws again postponed. The draw of 20.08.2018 (Win Win W-474) will be held on 27.08.2018, the draw of 21.08.2018 (Sthree Sakthi SS-120) is postponed to 28.08.2018 and the draw on 22.08.2018 (Akshaya AK-358) is postponed to 29.08.2018. Draw of Karunya KR-359 (18.08.2018) will be conducted on 30.08.2018 Thursday.

This is the latest information on the postponed Kerala lottery draws, If further information is available we will update here. 

Kerala Lottery Results Postponed

Kerala lottery draws postponed latest information malayalam

Kerala lottery draws postponed latest information tamil
        30.08.2018 அன்று பௌர்ணமி RN-353 லாட்டரி குலுக்கல் மட்டுமே நடைபெறும். 30.08.2018 அன்று இரு குலுக்கல்கள் நடைபெறும்.    


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