Rs. 50 Lakh to another common man : First prize winner of Akshaya (AK-328) lottery

Akashaya (AK-328) Winner

Draw Date : 17 Jan 2018

Another common man Mr. Kareem from Alathur (Palakkad Dist) is gifted with Rs.50 Lakh as the first prize of Akshaya lottery draw number AK-328 by lady luck. We have published a lot of stories about the winners of Kerala lottery
draws. Since the Kerala lottery department has a policy that the top tier prizes are only drawn to the sold tickets all the first prizes of Kerala lotteries won by the participants, re-sellers or agents. Many do not want to let out their winning stories to the media but many come forward with a public claim.

Now Mr. Karim who is residing at a rented house and make a living by selling "pathiri" (a food product like chapatti made form rice) to shops has found a way to full fill his dream of an own house. Though he has already bought some land to build his own dwelling, he couldn't make this dream real because the financial benefits from his business was not more than for him to keep his family's daily needs. He along with his wife and two children can now start a new life in their own house.

Kareem has being testing his luck with Kerala lotteries for the last 15 years. This time he bought a full set (12 tickets with same numbers but different series) of Akshaya lottery tickets. One of those now being drawn as the first prize winning ticket and other 11 tickets will get the consolation prize of Rs.10,000/- each. He will be awarded with almost Rs.31,50,000/- after the agency commission and income tax for the first prize winning tickets as lump sum. While for the eleven consolation prize winning tickets he will be awarded with 11 X Rs.10,000 = Rs.1,10,000/- with out any deductions.

He has bought the winning tickets from "Jayakumar Lottery Center" functions at Alathur main road. If any participants win top tier prizes, it is a lucky break through for the agent too. He not only gets a 10% of the winning amount as agency commission but also can surly expect sharp hike in the sale in the near future. Here the agent will be getting Rs.5,00,000/- (before the TDS) as agency commission for the first prize winning ticket and Rs.1,000 X 11 = Rs.11,000/- for the consolation prize winning tickets (provided from the government fund).

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