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Welcome to the FAQ section of Most repeated questions asked by our visitors are answered here. You are requested to go through all the answered questions in this section before asking a new question.

1. What type of lotteries are Kerala lotteries?

2. Who conducts Kerala State Lottery Draws?

3. How trustworthy are Kerala Lotteries?

4. How can I buy Kerala Lotteries?

5. When and where the draws are conducted?

6. How Kerala lottery winning tickets are drawn?

7. Is Kerala lottery department streaming live of the draws?

8. How far are the live Kerala results dependable?

9. How to verify Kerala lottery results in more than one method?

1. Kerala Lotteries : The Type 
Kerala lotteries are pre printed raffle type of lotteries. In raffle lotteries the lottery conductor releases a fixed number pre printed lotteries with in a number range. The draw date, place and time are pre declared on the lottery itself. The tickets are sold among the people. Selling commissions are given for the sellers. Most probably the tickets are given to the sellers in lower rates after deducting the selling commission, as in the case of Kerala lottery. Some lottery conductors take back the unsold lottery tickets from the agents, but in the case of Kerala lotteries not. The drawing system made in a way to assure that all the lottery tickets get an equal chance to be drawn as a winning ticket. Many prizes are offered as the full numbers or combinations of numbers of any lottery ticket is matched with the drawn number.      

2. Kerala Lottery Department : The organizers of Kerala lottery draws.
Kerala lottery draws are conducted by Kerala lottery department formed in 1967 by Kerala State Government. Now it is functioning under Ministry of Taxes of Kerala government. The whole process of printing, selling, drawing and prize distribution are totally governed by the Directorate of State Lotteries office situated in Thiruvananthapuram. The director of the department will be a senior civil service officer (normally IAS/IPS). More details about Kerala lottery department.

3. Trustworthiness of Kerala lotteries :
Since Kerala lotterry draws are conducted directly by Kereala state government, The printing, distribution, prize distributions are done in a highly transparent method. The draws are conducted publicly and in the presence of social dignitaries. Since a government initiated program, all the activities are covered under "Right to Information Act". Tickets are printed in government press only. Many security marks are included in the printing of the tickets and they are updated time to time. Tickets are distributed through district lottery offices and Taluk sub centers, which are connected in between full time computer networks like core banking system. 

Details of major prize winners are published in main daily news papers released in Kerala. Kerala lottery department also publishes important notifications and warnings about any fraudulent activities regarding Kerala lotteries for the public awareness and take strict legal actions against them. Another important policy of Kerala lottery department is that all the top prizes of the draws are awarded only to the sold tickets. Kerala lotteries are very popular among the common people of Kerala. 

4. Buying Kerala Lotteries 
You can buy a Kerala lottery from any authorized Kerala lottery agents or re sellers. Only Kerala lottery agents are permitted to purchase tickets from the lottery offices. Re sellers whom are also registered under the Kerala lottery welfare board purchase tickets in small quantity (100 or 200) from the agents and sell them retail most probably single one. Registered agent's seal will be placed on the behind of the tickets and he may also redeem prize amounts up to Rs.5000/-. You can find any lottery shops all over any town in Kerala, most of these are of registered agents. Many re sellers use four wheeler, two wheeler, bi-cycle. You can see many pedestrian sellers too. Many physically challenged and week  persons are finding a live hood by selling Kerala lotteries since it is not a heavy work. Many people buy tickets from only these type of sellers not only to seek their luck but also to help them. Online selling or sale out side the state of Kerala is not permitted by the department of Kerala lottery.   

5. Timing of Kerala lottery draws
There are two types of Kerala lottery draws weekly draws and bumper draws. weekly draws are conducted daily at 3.00 PM. Bumper lottery draws are conducted in alternate months the draw time will be at 2.00 PM. In both draws results are published through the official web site with in an hour from the start of the draw. So you can expect the weekly lottery results by 4.00 PM and bumper lottery result by 3.00 PM venue : Kerala lottery draws a conduced in a permanent venue now days since the drawing machine has been introduced to draw the numbers. On 1st July 2013. Now all the Kerala lottery draws are conducted at Sree Chithira Home Auditorium,  Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram.  

6. Draw procedure of Kerala lottery draws
 Since 2013 prizes of Kerala lotteries are drawn using drawing machines. A detailed description of drawing procedure is given.

7. No official live steaming of draw Kerala lottery department doesn't officially steaming or leave out Kerala lottery results live. Any winning numbers available in internet are un official and for in informational purpose only mostly they are communicated through social media by the people who witness the draw we advise you to re-confirm your lottery results after the release of official results.

8. Live Kerala lottery results:
As already said there is no official streaming of Kerala lottery results available still the date. The result numbers propagated through social media or internet are mostly done by the people who participate in the draw un official Kerala lottery results may quench your anxiety but you should  re-confirm your winning numbers as the official result is released  

9. We strongly recommend to check results with more than one method. We ourselves have provided the facility to confirm your winning numbers with the official result copy in our website. These are images made from the official results published in PDF formats by Kerala lottery department with out any editing. Kerala lottery results are also published in all leading news papers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. You may make use of this facility also. The authenticated document to check Kerala lottery is Kerala State Government Gazette but it will not be possible to verify the results with Gazette and submit the winning tickets for the claim with in 30 days.        

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