Person arrested for making counterfeit winning Kerala lottery tickets

Counterfeit Kerala lottery tickets: Man arrested in Kerala

Gireesan arrested for duplicate Kerala lottery makingTrissur: A man was arrested for forging counterfeit winning tickets of Kerala lotteries in Thiruvilvamala (Thrissur district) on 12.01.2017. Gireesan (43 years) was trying to en cash the 10 winning tickets of Nirmal lottery which have won Rs.1000/- each in Dhanalakshmi lottery agency located at Thiruvilwamala. 
As some doubts raised about the originality of the tickets the lottery agent and local people called for the police. Later in the investigation it was found that the tickets were made by himself. Police also recovered computer, scanner, printer etc from his house which were used to print the winning tickets. He was residing in the rented hose for last three years. It is said that he was also pretending as an astrologer and was also giving reiki treatments for the people.

He used to scan non winning tickets of the latest draws of Kerala lotteries after that he was printing the tickets in high quality printer after altering the series or
Computer ceased for making duplicate Kerala lottery
numbers of  winning tickets. He used to forge the tickets to Rs.200/- or Rs.1000/- prizes only in which local agents or re-sellers may yield to en-cash with out bar code checking. As they try to en-cash these tickets with their bulk agents or lottery offices then only they come to know that the tickets are counterfeit. He had always approached only smaller agents or re-sellers who do not have bar code checking facility. He used to print hundreds of such tickets and en cash them in different places at Thrissur, Palakkad, Malapuram and Eranakulam districts. It is also doubted that he had used many people to get the tickets en cashed. 

This type of forgeries were reported earlier which only affect the agents or re-sellers who do not have enough facility to recognizance the original tickets.
Kerala lottery players may not worry about forged tickets sold in the market since it will not be profitable to sell some fabricated tickets for Rs.30/- and also the department as well as police have strong watchful eyes in the business of lotteries in Kerala. Kerala lottery departent has already taken nessessary precautions to prevent such manipulated tickets. There are many security features printed on the ticket with a little effort an agent or reseller can recoganize a forged ticket. These rare events happen as the Kerala lottery agent or the re seller is careless. Our article on new security features of Kerala lotteries here.         

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