Playing "108 Same" in Kerala Lottery Draws

Playing "108 Same" in Kerala Lottery Draws

People indulge in Kerala lottery draws in many ways. The common and popular way is to buy one or two tickets and hope for the best prize, if possible the first prize it self. Most players adapt this method only. Kerala lottery department is also promoting this type of participation in Kerala lottery draws.

Some of the players of are involving in Kerala lottery draw more heavely.  They invest more money in a single draw and expect to get a big catch even it they are blessed with a lower level prize. They purchase a set of lottery tickets with some same qualities for a bigger game.

One of these method is buying "108 Same" lottery tickets in the draws of Kerala weekly draws. You know weekly lotteries are printed in twelve series. This means there will be a same number Combination with every series. Many people purchase all the series of a same number which seems to be lucky one for them. This set is called "12 same" In "108 Same" You can not get all the 108 tickets with same number. So they Concentrate on the last four digits. Nine sets of  "12 same" makes a "108 Same" only for "last four digits". In each set the first 2 numbers will be different. In this type of playing the buyer gives more importance to the bottom slab prizes which are decided by drawing last four digits. Normally the lower tier prizes start from Rs -100/- So the players best hope is to get the highest lower slab prize Rs -5000/- It they win any top slab prizes which are normally decided by drawing all the numbers along with the series are a borous  for these heavy players 

For example Kerala lottery Nirmal (NR-36) on 22-09-2017 is printed in twelve Series as NA, NB, NC, ND, NE, NF, NG, NH, NJ,NK, NL and NM. You can get a same number "328349" in all these series. As given in the Picture a player buy's all those "12 same" tickets with 628349, 508349, 138349, 858349, 758349, 818349, 588349, and 798349. Now there are 9*12 = 108 tickets with the same last four digits.


(1) If one wins a five thousand rupees prize is his last four digits, he wins 108* Rs. 5000-, Rs. 5,40,000/- in lump sum.

(2) There are no deductions Kerala lottery agent's Commission or income tax from the winner for the prizes of Rs. 5,000/- or below So the winner get the whole money of Rs. 5,40,000/-

(3) Lower slab prize winnings of Rs. 5000/- or below can be claimed through the agents them self. So no paper works and waiting You get the prize money instantly.

Bads :-

(1) Heavy investment :- You have to invest Rs.30*108 = Rs.3,240/- in a single draw. It depends how much You can spend in lottery draws with out risking Your Financial position. 

(2) It needs a strong financial background and strong will to go with chaking your luck at least for Continues 10 days, if you are left without any win.

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