Kerala Lottery Result Today

Kerala Lottery Result Today
NIRMAL NR-48 Lottery Result on 15-12-2017

Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery "NIRMAL"

Current Prize Structure of Nirmal Lottery

Find below the Current Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery "Nirmal". This prize structure was has come into existence from the draw of Nirmal (NR-27) on July 21, 2017. The important change from the earlier draws  is that now the number of series have been increased from 10 to 12. The total number of tickets are now one crore eight lakh tickets. Number of lower slab prizes as well as total number of prizes have been increased subsequently.

Nirmal Weekly Lottery_Current Prize Structure

Chance of winning in a "Nirmal" draw

General Information:-

  1. There will be 12 series starting with letter "N" and A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M or N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z will be used as second letters in alternate draws.
  2. Maximum number of tickets in each series will be 9 lakh (printed depending to the sale).
  3.  Maximum number of tickets will be One Crore Eight Lakh.
  4. Draw will be held at Sree Chitra Auditorium, Pazhvangadi, east Fort , Thiruvanathapuram on every Friday at 3.00 PM.
  5.  A total amount of prize money Rs.14,88,98,000/- will be disbursed in 1,97,677 prizes. Total amount of Agents Commission on Prizes will be Rs.1,48,89,800/- in which Rs.9,90,000/- will be deducted from the winners of first three prizes and the remaining amount Rs.1,38,99,800/- will be paid from the government fund.                          

Prize details:-

  1. First Prize : Rs.70 Lakh (One prize Common to all Series) - 1 Number.
  2. Second Prize : Rs.5 Lakh (One prize Common to all Series) - 1 Number.
  3. Third Prize : Rs.1 Lakh (Two prizes in each series) - 24 Numbers.
  4. Fourth Prize : Rs.5 Thousand (By drawing last 4 digits 9 times) - up to 9720 Numbers.
  5. Fifth prize : Rs.2 Thousand (By drawing last 4 digit 10 times) - 10,800 Numbers.
  6. Sixth Prize : Rs.1 Thousand (by drawing last 4 digits 32 times) - 35,560 Numbers.
  7. Seventh Prize : Rs.5 Hundred (by drawing last 4 digits 46 times) - 49,680 Numbers.
  8. Eight Prize : Rs.1 Hundred (by drawing last 82 times) - 73,800 numbers.
  9. Consolation Prizes : Rs. 10 Thousand (For those which match 6 digits of  the 1st prize) - 11 Numbers.

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. One should affix his\her name and address on the place given behind the ticket as soon as it is purchased.
  2. The First to third prizes are drawn only from the sold tickets. Number of prizes other than these (the lower tier prizes) will be depended on the number of tickets sold.
  3. First to third prizes will be deducted by a 10% of the prize money and shall be awarded to the agents who sold the winning tickets. 10% of the prize money of 4 to 8 category prizes will be awarded as agency commission from the Government fund.
  4. The winners should surrender the winning tickets within 30 days of draw. Winners of first and second prizes shall submit the tickets to the lottery Directorate with relevant documents directly or through Nationalized / Scheduled / State or District Co-operative bank. Copy of winning tickets duly filled with the name and address of the winner, two passport size photos attested by a gazette officer, self attested Pan Card copy and Identity proof with photos and address affixed on the ticket, a receipt duly signed affixing a revenue stamp for Rs 1/- on it and filled with winner's name, signature and address, copy of Bank account pass book of the winner with IFSC code shall be produced along with the claim application .
  5. The claims from outside of Kerala should be directly submitted to the Directorate of Lotteries.
  6. Forged or damaged tickets will be denied from the prize money.One ticket shall be only awarded with one highest prize money. Income tax and other taxes if any will be deducted from the prize amount as per current laws.
  7. The Jurisdiction of this Kerala lottery will be Thiruvanathapuram. Only some important terms & conditions are published behind the ticket. Visit these websites ( / for more details.
Terms and Conditions_Kerala Lottery_Nirmal
Terms and Conditions of Nirmal Weekly Lottery