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POURNAMI (RN-331) lottery

Best Six Number Possibilities

Only a single panel of seven slots is used to draw all the top tier prizes including the first prize in Kerala lottery draws. This drawing process of top slab prizes means to draw an alphabet for the second letter of the series (being the first letter is same for all tickets of a particular draw) and drawing six numbers. So the winning numbers with series alphabets and six numerical digits are considered as the top slot numbers. Here we have not tried to predict the alphabet but only the six digits. These prediction are based on the drawings done by computer programs. We nigher claim any relations with the actual draws conducted nor based on any information from the conductors of Kerala lottery draws. Here we have produced the results of the three attempts done at different timings to predict the top slot panel inclination of the up coming draw of Kerala lottery.

In Kerala lottery draw of (RN-331) KARUNYA lottery first prize number is drawn on 18-March-2018. The Kerala lottery predictions for 2018-03-18 POURNAMI (RN-331) is published below. The winning number predictions ofPOURNAMI (RN-331) lottery published here are not leaked numbers or per decided numbers. These numbers are derived from random number computer programs.


POURNAMI (RN-331) lottery on 2018-03-18 top slot winning number predictions. The chances of winning in the draw of Kerala lottery draw of  POURNAMI (RN-331).
Date of prediction : 2018-Mar-17 | Time of Prediction : 05:00:14 PM.

Date of prediction : 2018-Mar-18 | Time of Prediction : ---:---:-- AM.
Date of prediction : 2018-Mar-18 | Time of Prediction : ---:---:-- PM.

Last 4 Digits Possibilities

Nine last 4 digits are drawn on 2018-03-18 as winning numbers for POURNAMI (RN-331) lottery 4th prize drawing chances prediction Dt: 2018-03-18 last 4 number drawing possibilities of (RN-331) POURNAMI lottery result.


Date of prediction : 2018-Mar-17 | Time of Prediction : 05:10:48 PM.


 Date of prediction : 2018-Mar-18 | Time of Prediction : ---:---:-- AM.

 Date of prediction : 2018-Mar-18 | Time of Prediction : ---:---:-- PM.

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