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AKSHAYA (AK-329) | 24-01-2018 | Last Four Digits Guessing Competitions

Last Four Digits Guessing Competition

24 Jan 2018

AKSHAYA (AK-329) Lottery

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The last four digits guessing competitions are to forecast any of the four digit numbers which is to be drawn for the prize of Rs.5000/- (the top prize in the lower slab prizes). Normally in Kerala lottery draws the Rs.5000/- prizes are drawn nine times. If your prediction of four digits match the any of the nine four digits drawn for this particular prize tier then you are won.

Kerala lottery 4 Number Guessing Competition AKSHAYA AK-329

Guess any winning numbers of  Rs. 5000/- prize of Kerala lottery AKSHAYA (AK-329) draw to be held on 24.01.2018

4 Number Guessing Competition on 15-Dec-2017

Current Last 4 Digits Guessing Competition

The Competition is completed

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