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AKSHAYA (AK-329) | First Prize Winning Number Guessing Competition | 24-01-2018

First Prize Winning Number Guessing Competitions

24 Jan 2018

AKSHAYA (AK-329) Lottery

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Kerala lottery First Prize Guessing competition AKSHAYA AK-329

In this competition the participants are supposed to guess the first prize winning number of the up coming Kerala lottery draw. This competition is aimed to increase the interest and anticipation of Kerala lottery players. No monitory benefits in this game. You don't need to pay any entry fees, neither get paid on winning. It's just for fun and boost the anticipation towards the draw. Name and Place of the competitors will be published in our website as the result of this competition. Your other details like email id or phone numbers will not be published or shared in any cause. It is not necessary to fill your phone number to participate in this. It is only optional. Enjoy playing lottery responsible.

In the below competition you have to forecast the would be first prize number of AKSHAYA (AK-329) lottery draw. The draw will start at 3:00 PM on 24.01.2018 and this competition will be closed before the draw. You have to select one of the "Series Alphabets" that you think will be drawn from the 12 series options given. Then select all the six place digits. In the first digit there will not be an option for "0" in all other five digits the options will be from "0" to "9". That's all..... press "Submit". Other details are not compulsory, you may fill them or not. We will publish the results of the guessing competition after the draw.

Note that this competition is just for fun cause and nothing to do with the actual Kerala lottery draw, Kerala lottery department or any Kerala lottery agency.

Current First Prize Number Guessing Competition

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