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All About "Sthree Sakthi (SS)" the Kerala Weekly Lottery

Sthree Sakthi Weekly Lottery Overview

Sthree Sakthi lottery is drawn on every Tuesday of the week. Sthree Sakthi lottery was initiated to financially support the state government programs on women empowerment. The first draw of Sthree Sakthi lottery was conducted on 03/04/2014 at Sri Chitra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, Thiruvananthapuram. The first prize offered was Rs.1,00,00,000/-. There were 5 second prizes of five lakh each and 10 third prizes of Rs. 1 Lakh 2 from each series. The MRP of a ticket was Rs.50/- only. Earlier Sthree sakthi tickets were released in five series. The draw of "Dhanasree" was replaced by "Sthree-Sakthi" and the first letter of the ticket series was changed as "S".

The latest revision in the prize structure of Sthree-Sakthi lottery was from 64th draw, which was held on 18/07/2017. The number of the series were raised to 12. The first prize was reduced to Rs.60 lakh. The second prize was fixed as Rs.1 Lakh which is provided to one ticket from each series. Third to eighth prizes are between Rs.5000/- and Rs.100/-. The MRP of the ticket is reduced to Rs. 30/-. The total number of the tickets are increased to 1 Crore 8 Lakh. There will be 2,25,744 prizes,  if all the tickets are sold. The total prize amount provided in this draw will be Rs.14,91,14,000/-. This prize structure was implemented vide order No: S1/29379/17/DSL dated : 28-06-2017.     

STHREE SAKTHI (SS-85) Kerala lottery result

Understanding the Ticket of Sthree Sakthi Lottery

Below is the front view of Kerala Weekly Lottery "STHREE SAKTHI"and its Explanations.
Understanding the ticket of STHREE SAKTHI Lottery front view

1. Kerala Lottery Name : STHREE SAKTHI lottery.
2. First Prize Amount of Sthree Sakthi lottery : Rs. 60 Lakh.
3. Draw Number  : SS-84.
4. Second Prize : Rs. 12 Lakhs (Rs. 1 Lakh X 12 tickets).
5. Draw date and Time of Sthree Sakthi lottery : 12.12.2017 : 3:00 PM.
6. MRP of a Sthree Sakthi Lottery Ticket : Rs.30/-.
7. Other lower prizes of Rs.2000/-, Rs.1000/-, Rs.500/-,Rs.200/- and Rs.100/-.  
9.  Secret code of the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket.
10.Bar code of the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket
11. Signature of the Director of Kerala State Lotteries on Sthree Sakthi Lottery
12. Designation of official Kerala lottery department on Sthree Sakthi Lottery
13.  Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket Number.
14. Security warning about keeping  Sthree Sakthi tickets safe with out any tampering.
15.  Bar code of the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket number.
16.  Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket number in counter foil cutting.

Rear view of "STHREE SAKTHI"

Understanding the ticket of STHREE SAKTHI Lottery back view

1. Kerala Government Seal behind the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket.
2. Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery "Sthree Sakthi Lottery draw".
3. Terms and conditions of "Sthree Sakthi lottery draw".
4. Space to write your name and address behind the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket .
5. Space to put your signature behind the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket.
6. Kerala State Government emblem behind the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket.
7. Kerala Lottery Agent's Seal behind the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket.

Terms & Conditions behind the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket 

1. You should affix your name and signature in the back side of the Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket as soon as you buy the ticket.

2. 1st and  2nd prizes are drawn from the sold tickets only. Number of remaining prizes of Sthree Sakthi draw will depend up on the sale of the tickets. Rs. 10,000/- will be provided to 11 Sthree Sakthi lottery tickets which match the same number of the first prize winning Sthree Sakthi ticket but differ in series as Consolation Prize.

3. About the deductions in Sthree Sakthi  draw: 10% of the prize money of 1st and 2nd prizes will be deducted from the amount of the winner of the Sthree Sakthi lottery and provided to the Kerala Lottery Agent who sold the winning Sthree Sakthi ticket. 10% of the prize money will be provided to the Kerala lottery agents who sold the winning Sthree Sakthi tickets in the category of 4th to 8th prize from the government fund.   

4. The winners should present the winning Sthree Sakthi tickets for the claim with in 30 days of the draw date. 

5. The prize winners of Sthree Sakthi draw from other states should present the winning tickets of Sthree Sakthi lottery to the directorate of Kerala lotteries. 

6. Altered or tampered Sthree Sakthi lottery tickets will be denied from the prizes. Only the highest prize will be awarded to a Sthree Sakthi lottery ticket for its number. Income tax and other taxes if any according to the law will be deducted from the prize money of Sthree Sakthi lottery.

7. The legal jurisdiction of Sthree Sakthi lottery will Thiruvananthapuram.

Prize structure of Sthree Sakthi Lottery

Current Prize Structure of Karunya Plus Weekly Lottery

Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery "Sthree Sakthi" is published below. This prize structure was implemented from the 64th draw of Sthree Sakthi which was held on July 18, 2017 and continuaing till now. Now the number of series have been increased from 10 to 12. The total number of tickets are also gone up from 90 Lakh to one crore eight lakh tickets now. Number of lower slab prizes as well as total number of prizes  will also increase correspondingly.

(SS-64th Lottery on wards)
(Vide Order No.S1/29379/17/DSL Dated : 28/06/2017)
Category of Prize
Details of Prize
Amount of prize
No. of Prizes
Total Prize Amount (RS.)
Agents Commission on Prize (RS.)
Common to all series
Rs. 60,00,000/-
Rs. 60,00,000/-
Rs. 6,00,000/-
One prize in each series
Rs. 1,00,000/-
Rs. 12,00,000/-
Rs. 1,20,000/-
Last four digits to be drawn 9 times
Rs. 5,000/-
Up to 9720
Up to Rs.  4,86,00,000/-
Up to Rs. 48,60,000/-
Last four digits to be drawn 14 times
Rs. 2,000/-
Up to 15120
Up to Rs.  3,02,40,000/-
Up to Rs. 30,24,000/-
Last four digits to be drawn 25 times
Rs. 1,000/-
Up to 27000
Up to Rs.  2,70,00,000/-
Up to Rs. 27,00,000/-
Last four digits to be drawn 32 time
Rs. 500/-
Up to 34560
Up to Rs. 1,72,80,000/-
Up to Rs. 17,28,000/-
Last four digits to be drawn 44 times
Rs. 200/-
Up to 47520
Up to Rs. 95,04,000/-
Up to Rs. 9,50,400/-
Last four digits to be drawn 85 times
Rs. 100/-
Up to 91800
Up to Rs. 91,80,000/-
Up to Rs. 9,18,000/-
Rs. 10,000/-
Rs. 1,10,000/-
Rs. 11,000/-
Rs. 14,91,14,000/-
Rs. 1,49,11,400/-

General Information:-

  1. There will be 12 series starting with letter "S" and A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L,M or N,O,P,R,S,T,U,V,X,Y,Z will be inserted as second letters in alternate draws.
  2. Maximum number of tickets in each series will be 9 lakh (printed according to the sale).
  3.  Maximum number of tickets will be 1 Crore 8 lakh.
  4. Draw will be held at Sree Chitra Auditorium, Pazhvangadi, east Fort , Thiruvanathapuram on every Tuesday at 3.30 PM.
  5.  A total number of prize money Rs.14,91,14,000/- will be disbursed in 2,25,744 prizes.

Prize details:-
First Prize Rs.60 Lakh  (1 Common to all Series) - 1 Prize.

Second Prize Rs.1 Lakh  (One prize in each series) - 12 Prizes.

Third Prize Rs.5 Thousand  (last 4 digits are drawn 9 times) - up to 9720 Prizes.

Fourth Prize Rs.2,000/- (by drawing last 4 digits 14 times) - up to 15,120 Prizes.

Fifth prize Rs.1,000/-  ( last 4 digits are drawn  25 times) - up to 27,000 Prizes.

Sixth Prize Rs.500/- (by drawing last 4 digits 32 times) - up to 34,560 Prizes.

Seventh Prize Rs.200/- (by drawing last 4 digits 44 times) - up to 47,520 Prizes.

Eight Prize Rs.100/- (by drawing last 85 times) - up to 91,800 Prizes.

Consolation Prizes Rs.10 Thousand  (For those which match 6 numerical digits of 1st prize) - 11 prizes.

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. One should affix his\her name and address on the place given behind the ticket as soon as it is bought .
  2. The First and Second prizes are drawn only from the sold tickets. Number of prizes other than these will be depended on the number of ticket sold .
  3. The First and Second prizes will be deducted by a 10% of teh money which shall be awarded to the agents who sold the winning tickets. 10% of the prize money of 3 to 8 category prizes will be awarded as agency commission from the Government fund.
  4. The winners should surrender the winning tickets within 30 days of draw. Winners of first prize shall submit the tickets to the lottery Directorate with relevant documents directly or through Nationalized / Scheduled / State or District Co-operative bank. Copy of winning tickets dually filled with the name and address of the winner, two passport size photos attested bya Gazette officer, self attested Pan Card copy and Identity proof with photos and addresss affixed on the ticket, a receipt dually signed affixing a revenue stamp for Rs 1/- on it and fill with winners name, signature and address, copy of Bank account pass book of the winner with IFSC code shall be produced along with the claim application .
  5. Claims from outside of kerala should be directly submitted to the directorate lotteries.
  6. Forged or damaged tickets will be denied from prize money.One ticket shall be awarded with one highest prize only. Income tax and other taxes if any will be deducted from the money as per current laws.
  7. The Jurisdiction of this Kerala lottery will be Thiruvanathapuram. Only some important terms & conditions are published behind the ticket. Visit below websites for more details.

As per a RTI news Kerala lottery department has a hold of hundreds of crore rupees as unclaimed prize amount. So always take care to check your Kerala lottery results and make a claim in time.
Kerala government gazette will be the final document to confirm the Kerala lottery results.

We publish Kerala lottery result in 2 formats one easy to view format and the next copy of official Kerala lottery result format.

Chance of Winning in Sthree Sakthi Lottery

Kerala State Lotteries
Chance of Winning Workout 
Total 108 Lakh Tickets | MRP of one Ticket Rs.30/-   
Tickets in 12 Series | Draw on every Tuesday
Category of Prize
Details of Prize
Amount of Prize
No. of Prizes
Chance of Winning
Common to all series
One prizes in each series
Last four digits to be drawn 9 times
Up to 9,720
Last four digits to be drawn 14 times
Up to 15,120
Last four digits to be drawn 25 times
Up to 27,000
Last four digits to be drawn 32 times
Up to 34,560
Last four digits to be drawn 44 times
Up to 47,5600
Last four digits to be drawn 85 times
Up to 91,800
Consolation Prize
Matching the first prize number
Overall chance of winning any prize
These odds of Winning Table is created on the assumption that all the 108 lakh tickets are sold
The First to Third prizes will be drawn in full coming under the assured portion of prizes
4th to 8th prizes will be under variable portion depending upon the sale of tickets

STHREE SAKTHI LOTTERY RESULTS : Here is a list of all Kerala Lottery Results, Sthree Sakthi
 Lottery Result is publishing on every Tuesday, the first prize of Kerala Lottery Result of STHREE SAKTHI Lottery Result is 10,000,000/- (One Crore rupees). You can check results of Sthree Sakthi Lottery Results by visiting our site. Last Sthree Sakthi Lottery draw is Sthree Sakthi SS 34. We publish Kerala lottery results up-to date everyday, Live results will be published from 3.30 PM and the Official result by 4.30 PM. For Live and fast updates on anything about Kerala Lottery please visit our site

Final Amounts Paid in Sthree Sakthi Lottery

A winner of Kerala lottery may think that, he will get the whole sum of the prize which is offered in the prize structure of Kerala lotteries. No that is not the real fact. As run by a department follows rule of taxation strictly. There are two types of deductions commonly from the upper prizes of Kerala lotteries . 
1) 10% of the winning amount as Kerala lottery agency commission 
2) 30% of the amount after the deduction of Kerala lottery agency commission as income tax.

Income tax surcharge of 12% of the income tax may be deducted from the winning as in which th amount exceeds Rs.1 crore after above said 2 deductions.

Below we have given a table explaning how much will a winner of Kerala weekly lottery STHREESAKTHI will get after deductions. note that all Kerala lottery prizes are awarded in lump sum.

Many of the Kerala lottery buyers are not aware of the approximate prize money that they get after winning the Kerala lottery, in fact it helps us to know and to beware of fraudsters.

Kerala State Lotteries
Final Amounts awarded to the Winners
Rotate your mobile for better view
Prize No
Prize Amount (INR)
Deductions from the winner
Amount paid to the winner (INR)
Agency Commission (INR)
Income Tax (INR)
Consolation Prize

In the case of Kerala weekly lottery "STHREE SAKTHI", actually the winner has to suffer deductions in first 2 prize tiers only from 3rd to 8th prize and on consolation prizes nothing is deducted from the winner of Kerala lottery "STHREE SAKTHI".

Today the Kerala lottery has a big influence in our society, Kerala lottery department is changing the fortunes of the winners of the Kerala lottery ticket. Kerala ottery is providing weekly based tickets and Bumper tickets. The reults will be published in the website of Kerala lottery department daily around 3.30 PM. The Kerala lottery buyers can buy the ticket from the nearby lottery agency or from the ridden sellers. If you are lucky enough you wil definitely blessed with the first prize of Kerala lottery tickets. You can check the reults in official sites or in our site WWW.KERALALOTTERIES.INFO  .

Kerala lottery results are also published in the official websites of Kerala lottery department and you can verify Kerala lottery results in main newspapers released on next day in Kerala. The final and authorized source of Kerala lottery results is the "government gazette" published by state government of Kerala. winner's of Kerala lotteries are requested to verify their results in the gazette before submitting the ticket for claim. Click her to go to Kerala Government gazette Page. We are publishing Kerala lottery results with utmost care, so there is no chance of errors in the result numbers published . Kerala lottery "live results are released from the drawing spot, so the result numbers will not be in ascending order. there may be some mistakes in live results due to communication errors. Kerala lottery live results are meant for informational and curiosity purpose only. you have to verify published in our site before destroying the tickets.

Winning Statistics of Sthree Sakthi Lottery

Here we have worked out some interesting facts on the winning numbers of the previous Sthree Sakthi draws. The inclinations of the drawing slots of the top as well as the lower panels of Sthree Sakthi draw are studied here. Check whether they are helpful in winning a prize in the current draw of Sthree Sakthi lottery.    
Winning statistics of previous draws of Sthree Sakthi (SS) lottery
"Prize winning statistics in old Sthree Sakthi Draws"

Prize Claiming 

Sthree Sakthi lottery offers a total number of 1,86,865 prizes. The prize claiming procedures for different prizes of Sthree Sakthi lottery change according to the amount of the prizes. Learn how to claim a prize that has been won from the Sthree Sakthi  draw.   
Prize claim procedure of Sthree Sakthi (SS) lottery

"Prize Claim Procedure of Sthree Sakthi Lottery"

Winning Statistics of Previous Sthree Sakthi draws

How the slots of the drawing panels are inclined in the draws of Sthree Sakthi lottery? Have a look on the slot wise study of Sthree Sakthi draws.
     Winning statistics of previous Sthree Sakthi (SS) draws
"Repetition of winning digits in the Sthree Sakthi draws"

Guessing Competitions on Karunya Plus draws

You can fill your hops and exceptions here in Guessing Competitions on Sthree Sakthi draw. Not related to Kerala lottery department or it's draws.   
Guessing competitions on Sthree Sakthi (SS) draws
"Interesting competitions on Sthree Sakthi draw"

Predictions about Sthree Sakthi draws

Go through some winning number predictions on Sthree Sakthi draws based on stimulated mock computer draws. Do not claim any authanticity or relation with the real draws. Sthree Sakthi predictions start from 5:00 PM on every Wednesday.
Winning number predictions on Sthree Sakthi (SS) lottery
"Winning number predictions on Sthree Sakthilottery draw"

Sthree Sakthi past draw check easy results

Find all the check easy results published of Sthree Sakthi (SS) from AK-01 Kerala lottery draw conducted on 03/05/2016
Check easy results of Sthree Sakthi (SS) lottery draws
"Previous Sthree Sakthi check easy results"

Official result copies of Sthree Sakthi lottery draws

Official result copies of all Sthree Sakthidraws are published here in JPEG formats for easy view. 
Official result copies of Sthree Sakthi (SS) lottery draws
"Sthree Sakthi lottery result official copies"

Descriptive results of Sthree Sakthi lottery draws

Descriptive results helps newbies to understand how Sthree Sakthi lottery winning numbers are drawn
Descriptive results of Sthree Sakthi (SS) lottery draws

"Kerala lottery results of Sthree Sakthi in descriptions"

History of STHREE SAKTHI Lottery

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