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16.11.2017 Official Result Copy of KARUNYA PLUS (KN-187)

Official Result Copy

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Date: 16 November  2017

Kerala State Lotteries -Results

The official copy of Kerala lottery result of "KARUNYA PLUS (KN-187) " released on 16-11-2017 is below. Tap on the image to view it enlarged. Official results timings by 4:00 PM.

Karunya Plus(KN-187) lottery result-1

Karunya Plus(KN-187) lottery result-2


KARUNYA PLUS (KN-187) Official copy Kerala lottery result on 16 November 2017. Official result on 16-11-2017 is released in PDF. KARUNYA PLUS (KN-187)  released in image format above on November 16, 2017 at 4:00 PM. KARUNYA PLUS (KN-187)  results on 16/11/2017 afternoon at 4:00 PM. Check live Kerala lottery result on 16/11/2017 live result of KARUNYA PLUS (KN-187)  form 3:00 PM. 

The Kerala lottery result on tomorrow 17-11-2017 live from 3:00 PM. NIRMAL Lottery (NR-44) lottery number NR-44 on 17th of November 2017. NIRMAL Lottery (NR-44)  lottery official copy result check on 17.11.2017 4 PM. Live lottery result starts from 3:00 PM and official lottery result at 4:00 PM. visit for NR-44 NIRMAL  lottery result on 17 November 2017. 

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