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A B C Guessing | Date:02/10/2017" of WIN WIN (W-429)

" A BC Guessing Competition"

Kerala Lottery Result

WIN WIN (W-429)

Date : 02-10-2017

This last three number guessing competition is only for fun and entertainment purpose and not for monitory purpose. Here you have to predict the last three digits of the first prize winning number of WIN WIN (W-429) weekly lottery which is to be conducted on 02/10/2017. Actual draw will start at 3:00 PM so you can only predict numbers before the draw starts. We will publish the Name and Place of correct guessers and some other interesting details of the guessing competitions. We will not publish your personal details as email id or phone numbers. We will only contact you if you have opted for it. No entry fees for this competition you will not be paid any money if your guess is correct. 

This competition has no connection with Kerala lottery department or any Kerala lottery agent. 


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