Musthafa a pick up van driver become a Crorepathi over night, the magic of Lady Luck on Kerala lottery

The First Prize Rs.10 Crore Winner of Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 

Pic-up van driver become millionaire by a night The magic of Kerala Lottery

Malapuram (23-09-2017) : The winner of the first prize (Rs. 10 Crore) Kerala lottery "Thiruvonam bumper-2017" has come forward with a claim. Mr. Moottatharammal Musthaffa, a driver by profession and was helping his father a coconut seller has now identified as the winner. He knew yesterday itself as the prize winning number was announced in TV channels, that he has won the first prize of Rs. 10 Crore, but kept calm till today to avoid unnecessary attentions and has submitted the winning ticket to the Parappanangadi Federal Bank branch. Though today is a bank holiday the Federal bank authorities were very happy to allow Musthafa to submit the winning ticket to them. Now the bank will proceed with the further claiming process. Have a look in the "How to Claim winnings in Kerala Lotteries?"  

Rs. 10 Crore winner of Kerala lottery Thiruvonam bumper-2017

Though the prize money is Rs. 10 Crore, it is before the deductions and taxes. There will be a deduction of 10% from his prize money first as Kerala lottery agency commission and another 30% will be deducted from the remaining amount as income tax TDS. Finally he will be getting Rs.6.30 Crore lump sum to his bank account after all deductions. One again a heavy bumper win has gone to a common man as it happens normally in Kerala lotteries. He is living in Parappangadi with his wife and four children. He want to start coconut business as his father and build a house for his family. We wish all the best to  the winner to a prosperous future life.

You may like to read the stories of earlier "Thiruvonam Bumper" lottery winners.  It was Mr. Ganesh to win a Rs.8 Crore in Thiruvonam Bumper-2016 was also an ordinary two wheeler mechanic from Palakkad .

In 2015 it was Mr. Ayyappan Pillai from Attingal, another lower middle class person, who was working as an accountant in a shop.

Mr. Hari Kumar who was running a small tea shop in Bangalore had won Rs. 6 Crore as the first prize of Thiruvonam Bumper-2014

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