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Kerala Lottery Thiruvonam Bumper Winning Statitics

Kerala Lottery Thiruvonam Bumper Winning Status

Now as the most famous Bumper Lottery draw of Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 (BR-57) is at door steps, the hopes of lottery players and sale of the lottery is on its peek.

         As this years the Kerala lottery department celebrates the 50th year of it's formation, this Thiruvonam bumper draw is specially named as "Suvarna Jubilee Thiruvonam -2017" and a top mast first prize was announced. This years the onam Bumper is carrying a first prize of Rs. The crore, which is the ever most highest prizes announced in a Kerala Lottery draw. The Tickets are printed in 10 series as, SU,VA,RN,AJ,BL,TH,IR,UV,ON,AM. A total of Ninty lakh  tickets are to be printed as the sale progresses. Each series will contain 9 lakh tickets numbering from 100 000 to 999 999. Cost of a ticket will be Rs. 250/- (including 12% of GST) The date of the draw of Thiruvonam bumper-2017 will be 20/09/2017; Wednesday. the draw of this Kerala lottery is to be held at "sree chitra home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East fort, ,Thiruvananthapuram. The draw stats at 2.00 PM.

            Now going into some details to this year's Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery draw. As said eralier one first prize of Rs. crore is to be awarded to the luckiest ticket drawn from all series. The second prize will be Rs. fifty Lakh disbursed to ten tickets one each from all series. The third prize. Rs. The lakh will be given away to twenty tickets ,for two tickets each from every series. The fourth prize. Rs five lakh will be given to 20 tickets, which are drawn two from all the ten series. There are many more prizes of Rs. One lakh, Rs,5000/- , Rs.3000/-, Rs 2000/-, rs 1000/- and Rs 500/- Nine consolation prizes of Rs 5 lakh are also to be awarded to those tickets which match the first prize winning numbers but differ in the series. Click here to view the detailed prize structure of  Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 Kerala Lottery.

Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 Winning Statics
Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 Winning Chances

   Here in this page we are providing winning status of earlier Thiruvonam Bumper  Lottery draws Conducted.

In 2008, Thiruvonam Bumper draw was conducted on 20-09-2008 and the first prize of 2 crore was drawn to the ticket with number UV-148583 which was sold at Thrissur district. The draw number of Onam Bumper -2008 was BP-03.

 The next Onam Bumper draw (BR-09) in 2009 BR- 15, which was carting a first prize of Rs. two crore delivered it to the number IR-313626. Which was sold at Kannur Thiruvonam Bumper 2010 with the draw number BR-15 Help on 08-09-2010, which carried a first prize of Rs two crore and fifty lakh +1kg severing (gold) went to the ticket numbered ON -635958, a ticket sold in Alapuzha distinct

Thiruvonam Bumper -2011 (BP-21) awarded it's first p-prize Rs. five crore to the Kerala Lottery ticket numbered UV -425851. The draw was held on 17th of September 2011. Onam bumper -2012 (BR-27) offered a first prize of Rs. 5 crore and 1 KG of pure gold, which was drawn on 7th September of a ticket TA-579103. Which was sold in Kollam district .

 Then in 2013, the lottery offered the same first prize of Rs .5 crore 1 KG gold, which was drawn to the ticket TG-886269. The lottery draw number of Thiruvonam Bumper -2013 was BP-33 and the draw was held on 19/09/2013. The first prize went to ticket sold at Palakkad. BR-39 number draw of Thiruvonam Bumper -2014 was held on 19/ Sep/2014 which carried  a first prize of  Rs-5 crore and was awarded to the Kerala Lottery numbered TA-192044. The ticket was sold at Alapuzha district

Next Thiruvonam Bumper lottery conducted in 2015 with number BR-45, come with first prize of seven crore rupees. The draw was conducted on 18 Sep 2015 and seven crore went to a ticket sold at Thiruvananthapuram. The number drawn was TE-513282.

In 2016 Kerala Lottery department increased the first prize of that year's Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery to eight Crore rupees. the draw was conducted on 18th September of 2016. The first prize went to the ticket with a number TC-788368 which was sold at Thrissur district.

                 If we go through a district wise analysis, we can see that Alapuzha and Thrissur districts lead with two wins. 

  This year Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 will be drawn on 20/09/2017 Wednesday. We will be providing Live Kerala Lottery result of the same from 2.00 PM on wards as the draw starts. The Kerala Lottery result of the lottery is expected to be published by 3.00 PM by the Kerala Lottery department, Which will also be published in our site in check easy format along with the copy of official Kerala Lottery result of Thiruvonam Bumper-2017. All the wishes for the participants of this year's Onam bumper lottery draw

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