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"Suvarna Jubilee Thiruvonam Bumper-2017"

(Onam Bumper-2017)

Important Note : The draw of Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 has been Postponed from 20-09-2017 to 22-09-2017.

Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 First Prize Winning Number Guessung Competition
Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 First Prize Winning Number "Guessing Competition"

Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 First Prize Winning Number "Guessing Competition"

The most awaited Kerala lottery draw of "Thiruvonam Bumper-2017" is Postponed from 20-09-2017 to 22-09-2017. The draw offers Rs -10 crore (including Kerala lottery agent's Commission and Income Tax TDS) as first Prize. This is the highest first prize ever offered by any Kerala lottery draw held by Kerala lottery department in the history of Kerala lotteries.

Here is a simple guessing Competition to "Guess the first prize winning Number" of  "Thiruvonam Bumper -2017" draw. You can also participate in this Competition. Now only hours before the draw (2:00 PM, 22-09-2017), if you have not purchased a ticket yet do not hesitate to get one ticket as early as possible.

Since It was raining heavily for last on week in Kerala, the distribution as well as sale of the most prestigious bumper lottery of Kerala lottery department "Thiruvonam Bumper-2017" was affected for a considerable level. The state lottery department has postponed the draw which was supposed to take place on 20 Sep 2017 to 22 Sep 2017 to avoid the lose of Kerala lottery agents and Re-sellers who have taken a lot of lottery tickets as stock for selling. Now the climate has become better, it is hoped that the major portion of this year's Onam Bumper tickets will be sold out. 

Remember that this year is the fiftieth year of forming "Kerala Lottery Department" in 1967 under the Finance Ministry of Kerala State Government of E.M.S Namboothiripad (Ex- Chief Minister of Kerala). As the 50th year celebrations the State lottery department had decided to conduct history breaking  draw of Thiruvonam Bumper, which is the most important Bumper draw of Kerala lottery department. This time it is the highest ever first prize offered in the history of Kerala lotteries "A 10 Crore Rupees" as the first prize of "Suvarna Jubilee Thiruvonam Bumper -2017". Actually it is the highest first prize ever offered by any pre-printed paper raffle lottery in India. 

Now into the details of Kerala Bumper Lottery "Thiruvonam Bumper-2017"   

Prize Structure

Kerala lottery department has come forward with a tremendous prize structure to make this draw a great success. They have not only concentrated on top level prizes but also have spread out a wast quantity of bottom level prizes. The prize pool has been increased from 40% to 50%. Since the Rs.10,000/- prizes have been avoided the bottom level prize winners don't need to suffer TDS for ten thousand as prize amount.
Prize Structure of Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 lottery

Understanding the Ticket

You should have a clear picture of this lottery to avoid the duplicates (though none is found still now). This portion is to make you understand that "How a "Thiruvonam Bumper-2017" lottery look like?" There are many security markings to find out the falls players....If any....But a genuine player has to be known about a genuine lottery ticket.
Understanding Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 lottery

We have already discussed "Why the draw of Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 was postponed?". If you need more details go to the below link.
Why Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 lottery was postponed

Chance of Winning

  Odds of winning or Chance of winning is the most important fact that makes a lottery player's favorite. As the chance of winning any prize in a pre-printed raffle lottery becomes high, the players interest boost up. There is no rolling up in Kerala lotteries. This time Kerala lottery department has come forward with an aggressive chance of winning to support their players. In "Thiruvonam bumper-2017 lottery the chance to win any prize is as low as 1:30. 
Chance of winning in  Thiruvonam Bumper-2017 lottery

  Older Draws Winning Statistics 

Does older winning numbers of this draw has an impact in this draw? Who knows...any way let us have a look on the previous winning numbers of Thiruvonam Bumper Lotteries and to which districts they were gifted with.....
Winning statitics of Thiruvonam Bumper lottery draws

All about "Thiruvonam bumper-2017" Kerala Bumper lottery.

All the best to win a fabulous prize in this draw Participants.... If you have not purchased a Thiruvoanam Bumper-2017 lottery ticket till have got 2 more days to get it.........

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