Rs.10 Crore winner of "Thiruvonam Bumper-2017" Kerala Lottery Result

Rs.10 Crore winner of "Thiruvonam Bumper-2017" Kerala Lottery Result
Meet Mr. Musthaffa who is a millionaire now....with the magic of Kerala lottery result of Thiruvonam Bumper-2017
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AKSHAYA (AK-310) Kerala Lottery Result on September 13, 2017

Kerala lottery result today of Akshaya lottery number AK-310 released on September 13,  2017. 



Dated: 13/09/2017 (Wednesday) 

1st Prize- Rs. 50,00,000/- (50 Lakh):- 
AS 831091 (KOLLAM)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
AN 831091  AO 831091  AP 831091 
AR 831091  AT 831091  AU 831091 
AV 831091  AW 831091  AX 831091 
AY 831091  AZ 831091

2nd Prize- Rs :2,00,000/- (2 Lakh):- 
AN 650270 (PALAKKAD)
AP 842207 (KOTTAYAM)
AR 531612 (KOLLAM)
AT 438830 (KOTTAYAM)
AU 381786 (WAYANAD)
AW 444577 (IDUKKI)
AX 843024 (KOTTAYAM)
AY 357834 (PALAKKAD)
AZ 495553 (KANNUR)

3rd Prize- Rs :1,00,000/- (1 Lakh):- 
AP 790742 (KOLLAM)
AS 680570 (KOTTAYAM)
AT 578456 (PALAKKAD)
AV 605167 (KOLLAM)
AW 237195 (KOTTAYAM)
AX 417222 (KOLLAM)
AZ 263243 (THRISSUR)


4th Prize- Rs : 5,000/- 
3067 3170 3874 
8572 8721 8970

5th Prize- Rs : 2,000/

0034 0447 0726 
3631 3947 
4341 4410 
9033 9051

6th Prize- Rs : 1,000/- 
0279 0456 0795 0966 
1460 1981 
2105 2252 2480 2660 2764 2989 
4261 4336 
5090 5333 5457 5490 5864 5887 
7275 7644 7857 
8218 8608 8791 8851 
9074 9310 9725

7th Prize- Rs : 500/- 

0056 0201 0378 0694 
1256 1719 1877 
2444 2528 2603 
3041 3055 3280 3319 3345 3396 3449 3595 3730 
4060 4706 
5052 5696 5714 
6362 6748 6761 6975 
7024 7655 7871 
8258 8569 8790 8837 8907 8949 
9055 9145 9317 9567 9824 

8th Prize- Rs : 100/- 

0106 0252 0269 0476 0518 0559 0656 0691 0809 0869 
1113 1180 1281 1415 1430 1439 1458 1507 1602 1716 1881 
2061 2477 2491 2622 2712 
3003 3016 3295 3298 3305 3560 3638 3725 3850 
4099 4153 4265 4718 4926 4988 4989 
5163 5370 5426 5479 5545 5703 5897 5900 5969 
6162 6253 6264 6412 6438 6463 6480 6529 6595 6976 
7061 7073 7154 7313 7340 7383 7394 7487 7543 7615 7933 
8121 8291 8301 8350 8610 8853 8896 8917 
9133 9366 9464 9560 9566


(Copy of Official Kerala Lottery Result Today)

AKSHAYA (AK-310) Kerala Lottery Result on September 13, 2017 part 01

AKSHAYA (AK-310) Kerala Lottery Result on September 13, 2017 part 02

Next Kerala lottery result of Akshaya (AK-311) draw will be held on 20/09/2017 at Sree Chitra Home Auditourim, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram by 3:30 PM. 

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Akshaya (AK-310) on September 13, 2017

Kerala lottery draw today is of Akshaya (AK-310) on September 13, 2017. Akshaya lottery is drawn on every Wednesday. Results of Akshaya AK-310 live and official released on 13 September, 2017 by department of state lotteries official website We have published two formats of results today on 13-09-2017 of Akshaya AK-310 above. Today the draw of Akshaya AK-310 starts at 3:00 PM and winning numbers are published officially at 4:00 PM.  The First Prize of Akshaya AK-310 lottery is rupees 50 lakh and there are many prizes in eight tiers. Cost of a ticket is Rs.30/- only (including GST). A new prize structure is introduced for Akshaya weekly lottery from  the 64th draw. From now on this lottery will be printed in 12 series each series including 9 lakh tickets. Akshaya lottery AK-310 today is released in AN, AO, AP, AR, AS, AT, AU, AV, AW, AX, AY and AZ. series. 

The Kerala lottery draw conducted tomorrow on September 14, 2017 will be Karunya Plus (KN-178) at 3:00 PM. The live and the official results will be available here tomorrow on September 14, 2017. Official result of 14-09-2017 Karunya Plus KN-178 lottery will be published from 4:00 PM on wards. Check 2017/09/14 Karunya Plus KN-178 lottery result here published.   

Kerala Lottery Result Today : AKSHAYA

Kerala lottery department conducts the draw of Kerala weekly draw Akshaya (AK-310) today on September 12, 2017. The Akshaya lottery is drawn on every Wednesdays of the week. The tickets are printed in 12 series for current Akshaya draws. The  total number of the tickets will be 1 Crore 8 lakh. Today's lotteries will start with the series AN, AO, AP, AR, AS, AT, AU, AV, AW, AX, AY, and AZ. Each series will contain 9 lakh tickets starting with the number 100000 and ending with the number 999999.

Kerala State Government formed a special department to conduct lottery draws in the Kerala state from 967. On November 01, 1967 the Kerala lottery department started a lottery with MRP Rs. 1/-, which offered a first prize of Rs. 50,000/-. This lottery was sold for more than 2 months and the draw was conducted on January 26, 1968. The sale, draws and prize distributions were conducted very transparently. The fact that the Kerala lottery draws were initiated by the government directly gave them a tremendous popularity among the people. Now the Kerala lottery department is conducting seven weekly draws in a week and six bumper draws in an year. Lottery offices were opened in all the districts even in many Taluk head quarters to manage the activities. Hundreds of government officials are working in the state lottery department. More than that thousands of registered agents are involved in the business along with more than a lakh of re-sellers find their living associated with Kerala lotteries. You may note that many of them are physically challenged, senior citizens or marginalized people. The state government has taken all the steps in the prize structures of their lotteries to avoid indiscriminate gambling in Kerala lotteries.       

Kerala lotteries provide one of  the most highest non-tax revenue to the Kerala state government to enable it's development projects and philanthropic activities. The profits from the Kerala lottery draws of  "Karunya" and "Karunya Plus" are dedicated to support "Karunya Benevolent Fund", a project organised by Kerala State government to financially help the poor people who suffer from critical deices like Cancer, Kidney failure, liver liver cirrhosis, heart decies etc..The lottery Sthree Sakthi was started to fund the projects to improvise the living standards of marginalized women and to help them to find a way to respectable living. Where as the profits of Kerala lottery "Nirmal" is contributed to support the "Suchithwa Mission", a project organised by the Kerala state government for the purpose of improve the hygienic standard of Kerala as well as to handle the issues in the sector of sanitation and waste management projects, handling various solid and liquid waste management issues. 

Now in Akshaya draw there are 8 tier of prizes and 1 slab of consolation prize. Today first prize rupees 50 lakh will be presented to a ticket common to all series and the second prize Rs.2 lakh is disbursed to 12 tickets one from each series. The third prize Rs.1,00,000/- is given away to 12 tickets again one from each series. 4th prize rupees 5,000/- is awarded to a maximum of 9000 tickets by drawing last 4 digits ten times. Fifth prize rupees 2,000 is decided by drawing last four digits 12 times. There may be 10,800 prizes  maximum this slab. One thousand rupees are given away to a maximum number of 28,800 tickets by drawing last four digits 32 times as sixth prize. Last four digits are to be drawn 42 times to find the numbers which are to be presented with rupees five hundred as the Seventh prize. Eighth prize Rs.100/- is given to a maximum of 73,800 tickets decided by drawing last 4 digits 82 times. Nine consolation prizes of Rs.10,000/- are awarded to the tickets which match the numbers of the first prize but differ in series. Total prize amount given out will be 12,97,70,000 rupees through 1,60,230 prizes. Rs. 1,29,77,000 will be paid as Kerala lottery agency commission of which rupees eight lakh will be deducted from winning amounts and the remaining 1,21,77,000 rupees will be paid from the government fund. Structures of Kerala chance are revised time to time so don't forget to have a look on the current one. Click here to view the complete prize structure and other details of Akshaya lottery.

The winning numbers are drawn using a drawing machine developed by The METAL INDUSTRIES LTD. a famous engineering public sector firm. The machine has undergone all type of checking and approvals from the government side. The draws are conducted very transparently in the presence of public and social dignitaries. The draw buttons are operated by the invited guests and people who had came to see the draw. Another magnificent rule of Kerala lottery draw is that all the top level prizes are drawn only to sold tickets. If any higher prizes were drawn to a unsold tickets remains with the Kerala lottery department then the number is re drawn till the prize go to a sold ticket. Normally the draw of all weekly tickets start by 3:00 PM.   

Kerala lottery results are announced by the officials of department of Kerala lotteries lively in the venue itself. You may get these numbers as live Kerala lottery results in social media or in many websites. We remember you that these live results are just for informational purpose and you have to wait till the official Kerala lottery results are published in the official website of the state lottery department. The publication of the official result will be between 4.00 to 4.15 PM. You can find the Kerala lottery results in the daily news papers published in Kerala. Today's Kerala lottery result will be published in tomorrow's news paper.    

For a long period of 50 yrs Kerala lottery tickets was circulating  among the people of Kerala. They often read some news about a person winning a big prize in Kerala lottery draw. This is because all the higher slab prizes of Kerala lottery draws are reserved for sold tickets only. if a top level prize is drawn to any unsold number then it is re-drawn till the prize is won by a sold Kerala lottery. There is always a first prize winner among customers, re-sellers or agents, but the first prize a Kerala lottery is always given out.The draws are conducted publicly and any person can participate in the Kerala lottery draws. Social dignities are invited according to the importance of the draw and they also participate and operate the switch of the drawing machine. The winning amounts are credited to the bank account of the winner in due time after deducting taxes and agency commissions. Those all account for the popularity of Kerala lottery draws. 

Though we have published Kerala lottery result today with utmost care, but not claim any authority on the Kerala lottery results, especially in the case of live Kerala lottery result. There may be some mistakes because of miscommunication of winning numbers of live Kerala lottery result today, though none are reported till now. So you are strongly advised to confirm your winning numbers of live Kerala lottery result today with the Kerala lottery result today "Official copy" which is always published below of the easy to check Kerala lottery result today. You can also check your Kerala lottery result in the main news papers published tomorrow in Kerala. You can very much depend on the Official copy of Kerala lottery result today published here, since it is the original copy of the Kerala lottery result published by Kerala lottery department in PDF format in their official website. So there is no chance of error in the official copy of Kerala lottery result published here expect the error is happened in the official Kerala lottery website itself. Any way the final authoritative  document to confirm Kerala lottery results will be the " Kerala government gazette".  

Indulging in Kerala lottery draws without any discrimination may bring heavy damage to your financial position. One should very much aware that how much can he spend for try his luck in Kerala lottery tickets. Winning a Kerala lottery depends on odds of winnings and your luck. You cannot hope winning a Kerala lottery by increasing the number of Kerala lottery tickets that you purchase. While you are buying two Kerala lottery tickets than one Kerala lottery ticket, it's right that you are doubling your chance. But your chance to win a amount in that Kerala lottery draw only increased by a very tiny margin. In the case of Akshaya lottery you are increasing your chance from 1:90 lakh to 2:90 lakh only. Kerala lottery department takes all the measures to prevent heavy gambling with Kerala lottery in time to time.      

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