New Security Features in Kerala Lottery Tickets

"New Improved Security Features In Kerala Lottery Ticket Printing"

August 03, 2017 ; Thiruvananthapuram: 

Kerala state lottery department, which is conducting government lotteries in Kerala since 1967 has now decided to improve the security measures of lottery tickets printed for the draws to protect agents being cheated by multi claiming of lower prizes using high quality color photostatted winning tickets.  

You may noted that Kerala lottery draws are conducted in the model of pre-printed raffle lotteries. The ticket are printed with serial alphabets and numbers and sold to public. Then the winning numbers are drawn in a fixed place and time in front of the public with high level transparency involved. The tickets are also printed in government presses only with a lot security codes. Normally no body can forge or create a winning ticket to get a higher prize awarded from the lottery department.

The registered lottery agents are allowed to en-cash the winning tickets up to Rs.5000/-. All the lottery agents wouldn't have bar code readers and computers. Using this opportunity some of the fraudulent persons were succeeded in creating some forged or copied winning tickets of the prize Rs.5000/- or below, using high quality xerox machines and got them exchanged with some rural Kerala lottery agents for multiple times with different agents. As the agents tried to submit the tickets in the lottery office then only it came to knowledge of them that those were duplicate tickets. Eventually agents lost their money. Now Kerala lottery department has come forward with more complicated security systems in the printing of tickets.With the help of these new security marks bounded in the ticket, even an ordinary agent can recognize the original tickets with the help of a Power Lens or a Special Film, which can be carried very easily.

Now the department has added four new security features in Kerala lottery tickets.

Current Security Features in Kerala Lottery Printing
New Security Features in Kerala Lottery Ticket Printing

1. Micro Printing:-

Now you can see a black line above the bar code signature of Director of Kerala lotteries and ticket number. This may seem to be a simple line with naked eyes, but if you uses the lens,you can find "K.S.L, Name of the lottery, draw number, the month and year of the draw. This can't be copied or scanned even in high resolution.

2. Guillotine Pattern:-

This modern security printing technology is used in 3 borders of the tickets. It may seem just like a craft work to decorate the ticket. But if you copy or scan a ticket they will look entirely different with full of dots.

3. Invisible Scripts:-

A tiny portion of the tickets is now coated with gray as you see in scratch cards. Normally they look like as if they are blank. But you can see letters K.S.L, if you place the special film on it and slowly rotate it. If the ticket is copied or reprinted after scanning this part will be blank, though you are checking with a security film.

4. 3-D Printing:-

This technology is used in the counter foil cutting edge of a Kerala lottery ticket.Almost same as it is used in currency printing. If you hold the ticket  in a tilted position and watch carefully you can see the draw details in 3-D.This is also a method which can't be copied.
Now agents can protect themselves against fraudulent winning ticket exchanges, if they check these security measures with given simple tools.The special film is designed and provided by C-Dit which is a public sector  information technology company to provide solutions for various departments under the state government of Kerala.

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