POURNAMI (RN-296) 16.07.2017 | Kerala lottery Result

Kerala lottery result today is published here. We publish Kerala lottery results and other details of Kerala lotteries up to date. Find below the full result of Pournami (RN-296) published on July 16; 2017 (Sunday). Live Kerala lottery result today is released from 3:00 PM and full Kerala lottery result between 4:00 and 4:15 PM. Official copy of Kerala lottery result is published in image format below. Click / Tap on the image to enlarge and see it clearly.


Kerala Lottery Result Today


DATE: 16 July 2017 (Sunday) 

Today's ticket series :
RN, RO, RP, RS, RT, RU, RV, RW, RX, RY and RZ.

1st Prize- Rs :65,00,000/- (65 Lakh) :    
RV 533234 (PALAKKAD)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
RN 533234 RO 533234 RP 533234 
RR 533234 RS 533234 RT 533234 
RU 533234 RW 533234 RX 533234 
RY 533234 RZ 533234 

2nd Prize:- Rs.5,00,000/- (5 Lakh) : 
3nd Prize:- Rs.10,000/-
RP 717839 (PALAKKAD)
RU 685287 (PALAKKAD)
RV 615897 (WAYANAD)
RX 252707 (KOLLAM)
RY 408015 (PALAKKAD)
4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
7161 7648 
9701 9962 

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/- 
0454 0601 0950 
1405 1469 
7426 7849 
8058 8529 8709
6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 

0174 0545 1075 
1342 1826 1859 
2094 2138 2366 2491 2589 2760 2867 
3555 3575 
5193 5199 5264 5315 5989 
6131 6438 6641 
7060 7098 7470 7510 7797 7941 
8402 8520

7th Prize- Rs. 500/-
0073 0634 
1152 1317 1449 1562 1629 
2041 2126 2515 2825 
3165 3187 3272 3640 3951 3989 
4324 4387 4435 4629 4710 
5088 5614 5841 
6306 6336 6412 6601 6876 6997 
7234 7249 7476 7566 7792 
9022 9070 9280 9294 9686

8th Prize- Rs. 100/-
0248 0277 0446 0538 0768 
1036 1051 1065 1144 1174 1209 1223 1234 1396 1429 1498 1605 1809 1988 
2030 2105 2180 2450 2516 2575 2614 2803 2894 2903 
3109 3154 3423 3441 3520 3691 3767 
4057 4331 4430 4616 4663 4743 4774 4789 4797 
5073 5252 5340 5527 5920 
6036 6117 6203 6457 6466 6582 6682 6854 6904 6910 
7139 7259 7297 7513 7605 7789 7796 7817 7986 
8160 8207 8332 8399 8569 8676 8701 8870 8910 8988 
9296 9338 9416 9667 9941


(Official Result Copy Today)
  Kerala Lottery Pournami (RN-296) Official Result_Part_01
Pournami (RN-296) Official Result Part 01
Kerala Lottery Pournami (RN-296) Official Result_Part_02
Pournami (RN-296) Official Result Part 02

The winners are advised to verify the Kerala lottery result numbers with the result published in
the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days. 
Next Pournami (RN-297) will be held on 23/072017; Sunday at 3:30 PM. The venue will be "Sree Chitra Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, Thiruvananthapuram.  
Kerala lottery result_Pournami (RN-296) on July 16; 2017
Kerala Lottery Pournami (RN-296) on 16/07/2017

Kerala lotteries:-

 Kerala lotto are sold and drawn in Kerala since 1967. Kerala state government found a government department to conduct lottery draws to help the state  government in the process of development and benevolent activities to help poor people.  In 1967 Kerala government formed an organisation to plan and conduct  chance in the state lottery department was formed under finance ministry of Kerala government. Sri. P.K Kunju sahib, who was the finance minister in the government of E.M.S Namboothiripad brought forward this idea. Though lotto have a gambling nature Kerala chance are kept in such a way to prevent mass gambling and addiction. Kerala lottery department has revised the  structures of Kerala lotto many times and taken many measures to avoid heavy gambling tendencies of the participants of the Kerala chance. In olden days there were guarantee win amount for the the last number drawn, which lead the lottery players to purchase a lot of tickets with same last number only aiming on the last winner. Then the Kerala lottery result department avoidedwinning for last digit and then again cancelled the winner for last 2 and 3 digits Now the last  itself is for the ticket which matches last 4 digits, which has avoided a lot of heavy gambling tendency among the participants

Popularity of Kerala Lotteries;-

Today meet many Kerala lottery result sellers where ever you travel in Kerala, Some will be selling in shop, some in a car, many using bi-cycle or by foot. You can see physically challenged persons selling lotto in three wheel cycles and other special vehicles. They often read some news about a person winning a big prize in Kerala lottery result draw. Today is because all the higher slab winning of Kerala lotteries are reserved for sold tickets only. if a top level winner is drawn to any unsold number then it is re-drawn till the is won by a sold number. There is always a first winner among customers, re-sellers or agents, but the first amount  is always given out.The draws are done publicly and any person can participate in the draws. Social dignities are invited according to the importance of the draw and they also participate and operate the switch of the drawing machine. The winning amounts are credited to the bank account of the winner in due time after deducting taxes and agency commissions. Those all account for the popularity of Kerala chance . Kerala lottery result department and government always make sure that the draws are conducted that the draws are conducted very transparently and the distribution of winner very effectively and in time. Any gambling related to Kerala lotteries effectively. Kerala lottery department keenly observe the peoples tendencies involving in lotto to control heavy gambling.  The top tier winner of all the draws are allotted to the sold tickets only.If an unsold number is drawn for 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize of today's Karunya draw then it is cancelled and re-drawn till the prize goes to a sold ticket. So the higher winner always will go to a buyer, re-seller, or an agent. "You can read many Kerala lottery winners stories here."Common people are always ready to invest 30 or 60 rupee to check their luck and live a better life if possible. A controlled involvement in state lottery may satisfies their interest in a little luck testing, where as it saves them from indulging in   illegal, fraudulent private gambling. You may note that these types of gambling spots are almost null in Kerala.

Today's Draw:- 

Today  (RN-296) is drawn today is a weekly lottery drawn on every Sunday. Today's lottery is released in 10 series as RM, RO, RP, RS, RT, RU,,RW, and KL. the series of  today lottery always starts with the letter "R" and second letters will be A, B, C, D, E, G, H, J, K and L or M, O, P, S, T, U, W, X, Y, and Z in alternate draws. While drawing 'R' will be kept constant. The revolving wheel in the second alphabet slot will contain the letters given above changing in alternate draws. Next there will be six slots that represent the numbers of the lottery. The wheel in the first numerical slot will contain number 1 to 9 and all other five slots contain numbers 0 to 9. While pressing switch of the drawing machine the the 7 wheels rotate and stops in random numbers. If first wheel stops in "C" and other wheels respectively in 1,9,4,8,0 and 1, then the winning ticket for that prize will be the ticket with number RC-194801. the top slot set is used to draw all the high tier winning which are decided by drawing series letter and numbers.Today's slot is also used to draw the last '5' digit prize. The lower part of the drawing machine contains 8 slots to draw '4' digits. The revolving wheel in these slots contain numbers 0 to 9. When switch is pressed all the wheels in these eight slots revolve and stops atomically in various positions showing different numbers. These number are considered as winning numbers for that prize tier. If any number is repeated which is drawn in the same set or sets before, that number is cancelled and drawn again in the next set. If any ticket is drawn for more than one , it will be eligible for only one and highest prize.

Pournami weekly Lottery:-

 Kerala weekly lottery today is drawn on today. The drawn numbers are announced publicly there in the spot itself. These data is collected and updated in our site as live Kerala lottery result. So the live results will not be complete. Some numbers and serials may be missing it is to quench your curiosity only. You have to check the complete result and the official result to confirm your winning numbers. These will be available in our site by 4:30 PM or just minutes before it. Kerala government gazette will be the final document to confirm the Kerala lottery result.You may wonder that how the Kerala lottery toady look like and what are the things printed on it. As a paper lottery it is the priority of the lottery department to keep it un forgeable so many security items have been added on  the tickets. Click here view  how a Pournami ticket look like and what are the things printed on it?

Current prize Structure:-

As said today lottery's structure is now revised from the 290th draw Vide order no. S1/25164/17/DSL dated 22/04/2017. Now the tickets will be released in 10 services, each tickets for the maximum cost of the ticket will be Rs.30/- only. First win amount  will be Rs.65 lakh given to one ticket common to all series. A second prize of Rs.5 lakh will be awarded to 1 ticket common to all series. The third prize rs.1 lakh will be awarded to 10 ticket one from each series. All these 3 top tier winner will be drawn in full coming under the assured portion of prizes. These prizes will be awarded to the sold tickets only. Sold tickets means sold from the lottery office and the prize may go to the registered agent, re-seller or buyer.

Now the lower slab prizes start from the 4th prize Rs.5,000/- which is decided by drawing last four digits 10 times. (Please note that the prize of Rs.10000/- is avoided now) the fourth prize may be awarded up to 9,000 tickets maximum. Next  the fifth prize is awarded up to 10,800 tickets with Rs.2000/- determined  by drawing last four digits 12 times. Sixth prize Rs.1000/- is awarded to a maximum number of 28,800 tickets found by drawing last four digits 32 times. Seventh prize rs.500/- is allotted to a maximum number of 37,800 tickets by drawing last 4 digits 42 times. Last and eighth prize Rs.100 is awarded to 73,800 tickets at maximum, which are determined by drawing last '4' digits 82 times. Nine consolation prizes are given to the tickets which match the number of the first prize but differ in series. The total amount of prizes will be Rs.12,97,70,000 which is disturbed through 1,60,221 winning tickets. The total amount given to agents as winning ticket sale  commission will be Rs.1,29,77,000 of  Rs.8,00,000/- will be deducted from the winners, who wins first, second and third prizes. The remaining amount Rs.1,21,77,000/- will be paid from the government fund to the agents. Click here to view the latest Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery"Pournami".

Odds Of winning In Today's Draw:-

You know that the winning chance of a lottery attracts customers to it. Every body purchasing a lottery wants a winning, how small it may be. A  prize won and it promotes the player to continue with his experiments with lady luck . Chance of winning a  depends up on  number of total tickets and number of prizes awarded in a tier  or number of total prizes. Now today's  structure revised, number of total tickets printed is raised from to 90 lakh , almost doubled. Total  number of prizes are also increased from 1,36,901 to 1,60,221. The total amount numbers are not more than doubled. That means a lottery player can enjoy the happiness of winning table of today lottery biased on the new structure. "Have a look on the chance of winning any prize in today's draw".

How Much You May Get ?

You may be wondering that how much you may get from the winning of a Kerala lotteryresult.? All of you know that there are taxes for a lottery winning in India. A fixed slab of 30% is deducted as income tax from the lottery prizes. more than that Kerala lottery department deducts 10% of the winning amount from the winners as agency commission . These deductions are applicable to all top tier prizes. 1 st, 2nd and 3 rd slab ofs come under this category. First 10% of agency commission is deducted from the  amount of these prizes, then 30% of the remaining amount is deducted  as income tax and paid to the tax department. In the case of lower slab win there will not be any income tax deductions and the agency commission is paid from the government fund.So the winners of the lower  prizes will get the full  amount, as lump sum. You may click to see how much a winner gets finally when he wins a prize in today's draw?

Kerala lottery Results:-

After the draw, with the permission of respective today official of lottery department the result is published in the official website of Kerala chance by 4.15 to 4.30 pm since the draw starts at 3.30 pm, the first prize number and after the draw, with the permission of respective official of lottery department the result is published in the official website of Kerala lotteries by 4.15 to 4.30 pm since the draw starts at 3.30 pm, the first win amount number and other numbers are announced publicly from 3.33 pm, you may get some live result numbers in some web sites or in social medias. . Result of today's draw will also be published in tomorrow's news papers released in Kerala.The final document to confirm the result will be the gazette published by state  government of Kerala.

Prize claim:-

Prizes in Kerala lotto can be claimed in multi methods according to the  amount. It your prize is Rs.5000 or less you can approach a registers Kerala lottery agent to get your  winning ticket exchanged to prize money. Though an agent is not obliged to receive the winning ticket, normally they happily accept the winning tickets if it is not damaged or forged if the winning amount is more than Rs.5,000 and not greater than 1 lakh you may approach any district lottery office and forward a claim application along with relevant documents to prove your identity and address and your bank account details. The prize amount will be credited to your bank account after the process for the winner more than 1 lack you have to submit a prize claim application to the director of Kerala lotte (Thiruvananthapuram) directly or though a Nationalized / Scheduled/ State or District co-operative bank with relevant documents and proofs. It is better to approach your bank, they will handle the formalities for you. Click here to know more about prize calming and supporting documents needed.

Responsible Play:-

Indulging in chance without any discrimination may bring heavy damage to your financial position. one should very much aware that how much can he spend for try his luck in lotto. Winning a lottery depends on odds and your luck. you cannot hope winning a lottery by increasing the number of tickets you purchase. While you are buying 2 tickets than 1 ticket,it's right that you are doubling your chance.But your chance to win a  only increase by a very tiny margin. In the case of Karunyaplus lottery you are increasing your chance from 1:90 lakh to 2:90 lakh. Kerala lottery department takes all the measures to prevent heavy gambling with Kerala lotto in time to time. Click here to know more about responsible play.

 Though we publish Kerala lottery results with utmost care, we are not responsible for its accuracy especially in the case of live Kerala lottery results. There may be some mistakes because of miscommunication, though none are reported till now. So you are strongly advised to confirm your  winning numbers of Kerala lottery results with the Kerala lottery results "Official Copy" which is always published on the next page of the result. If there are any disputes regarding Kerala lottery result, then Thiruvananthapuram will be the jurisdiction of that. Kerala lottery results are also published in the leading news papers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. You may also re check your numbers there.

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About Kerala Lottery Draws

The draw today will start from 3:00 PM. The winning numbers are announced in the venue as the draw progress. these information are passed as live result numbers. We want to warn you that this live Kerala lottery result numbers are shared through whats app or social media are just for early knowing of Kerala lottery results which are not official. As far as we know Kerala State lottery department is not responsible for these live propaganda of winning numbers and do not own for the mistakes in numbers in these live streaming or updating. We strongly recommend you not to depend completely on live numbers, but to wait till the Official result is published. Live Kerala lottery result today may start flowing from 3:03 PM today. The official Kerala lottery result will be available by 4:00 PM today. We publish Kerala lottery results in two different formats in the same page, the first one is the check easy Kerala lottery results. In this Check easy Kerala lottery results we have arranged the result numbers in separate lines so that you can check the last four digit winning numbers very easily. Just below this Check easy result you can see the copy of the official Kerala lottery result published by the department in their official website. State lottery department publishes the Kerala lottery results in the PDF format. We have converted it to jpeg format so that you can view the winning numbers without downloading. You can tap or click on these results to view them enlarged. We recommend you to re check the results published in the websites once again with those published in the daily news papers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. The final document to confirm the winning numbers will be the gazette of Kerala government, if there are any disputes with the numbers in Kerala lottery results.