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Welcome to www.keralalotteries.info. Find the Kerala lottery result of Akshaya (AK-301)  published on 12 July 2017; Wednesday. Kerala lottery draws of weekly lottery tickets are normally started from 3:00 PM daily and the live Kerala lottery result is available from 3:03 PM approximately and full Kerala lottery result is released between 4:00 to 4:15 PM. In check easy format we have arranged the Kerala lottery result numbers in such a way that it will be very easy to check the last four digits. Below you can find the Official Kerala lottery result copy which is the true copy of the Kerala lottery result today published by Kerala State Lottery Department. Official Kerala lottery result today published below is the real image of true Kerala lottery result today. Tap / click on the image to enlarge the images of Kerala lottery result today.
Kerala lottery Akshaya (AK-301) today
Kerala Lottery Akshaya (AK-301) Today



Dated: 12 July 2017 (Wednesday) 

Today's Series: 

1st Prize- Rs. 50,00,000/- (50 Lakh):- 

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
AA 179905  AB 179905  AC 179905 
AD 179905  AE 179905  AH 179905   
AJ 179905 AK 179905 AL 179905

2nd Prize- Rs :2,00,000/- (2 Lakh):- 
AD 695988 (KOTTAYAM)
AH 301601 (PALAKKAD)
AL 496178 (PALAKKAD)

3rd Prize- Rs :1,00,000/- (1 Lakh):- 
AA 380926 (THRISSUR)
AD 761139 (THRISSUR)
AE 128534 (IDUKKI)
AJ 634467 (KANNUR)
AK 287456 (WAYANAD)
AL 881515 (KANNUR)


4th Prize- Rs : 5,000/- 
4411 4889 
7275 7316 7325

5th Prize- Rs : 2,000/- 
1184 1905 1935 
2658 2921 
8066 8910 

6th Prize- Rs : 1,000/- 
0089 0317 
1285 1417 1435 1983 
2172 2515 2591 
3222 3278 3505 3532 
5020 5276 5346 5579 5674 
6174 6463 6652 6740 6797 6937 
8575 8695 8712 
9273 9707 9826 9930 

7th Prize- Rs : 500/- 
0216 0635 0728 0771 0803 
1126 1194 1260 1560 1810 1919 
3073 3927 3937 
5474 5534 5535 
6042 6069 6415 6844 6910 6948 
7143 7148 7352 7374 7711 7802 
8419 8650 8658 8690 8806 8930 8977 
9043 9358 9467 9608

8th Prize- Rs : 100/- 
0294 0343 0399 0403 0925 0932 0957 
1038 1348 1362 1730 1819 1867 
2191 2229 2306 2402 2427 2646 2703 2826 2840 2850 2942 
3080 3182 3242 3297 3401 3455 3481 3575 3588 3694 
4219 4422 4495 4668 4730 
5058 5073 5090 5230 5310 5350 5404 5483 5571 5873 5920 
6036 6221 6702 6885 
7346 7375 7503 7628 7679 7813 7828 7915 
8033 8045 8114 8188 8217 8653 8706 8729 8837 8968 
9038 9092 9113 9158 9247 9269 9323 9391 9751 9783


(Official Kerala Lottery Result Copy Today)

 Kerala Lottery Akshaya (AK-301) Official Result_Part_01
Akshaya (Ak-301) Official Result Part 01
Kerala Lottery Akshaya (AK-301) Official Result_Part_02
Akshaya (Ak-301) Official Result Part 02

The winners are advised to verify the Kerala lottery result numbers with the result published in
the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days. 
Next Kerala lottery result of Akshaya (AK-302) draw will be held on 19/07/2017 at Sree Chitra Home Auditourim, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram by 3:30 PM. 

Introduction :-

Kerala door prize are sold and drawn in Kerala since 1967. Kerala state government found a government department to conduct draws to help the state  government in the process of development and benevolent activities to help poor people. 

Kerala Lottery Department:-

Kerala lottery department under Ministry of Taxes of Kerala state government runs many pre printed raffle to support the government's development process and benevolent activities from the profits raised from those . Lotteries were started in Kerala from 1967 as the first state to conduct in India. Kerala state government found a government department to conduct this draws to help the state  government in the process of development and benevolent activities to help poor people. The  lottery department started  with a small lottery of MRP Rs. 1/- offering a first winning amount of Rs. 50,000/-. The sale of the first ticket started on 1.11.1967 and the draw was conducted on 26.01.1968. From that starting  lottery department has grown in to a giant organisation , which conducts 7 weekly  in a week and 6 Bumper lotteries in an year. So there will a weekly lottery every day. The depart has its head quarters at  Thiruvananthapuram '' The Directorate of Sate Lotteries'' which controls all activities of the department. The  Director of the department will an IAS / IPS official normally. He is assisted by an  Additional director and Joint director. The directorate 3 deputy directors and 4 district lottery officers (HO) in administrative position.Though lotto have a gambling nature Kerala this are kept in such a way to avoid senseless gambling and addiction. Kerala lottery department has revised the winning structures of Kerala the draw many times and taken many other steps to avoid heavy gambling tendencies of the players who take part in the wining . In earlier times there were guarantee prizes for the the last number drawn, which lead the lottery players to purchase a lot of tickets with same last number only aiming on the last winner. The department avoided winning for last single digit then again opted out wining for last 2 and 3 digits Now the last prize itself is for the ticket which matches last 4 digits, which has avoided a lot of heavy gambling tendency among the players.

How popular are Kerala lotteries:-

No need to say Kerala government lotteries are very popular all over the state. You can see many lottery shops in any towns in Kerala. You can see selling today's using a car, bi-cycle or by foot. The main reason for the popularity of  Kerala state this are the reliability, transparency and trust worthiness. For a long period of 50 yrs Kerala lottery tickets was circulating  among the people of Kerala. They often read some news about a person winning a big winier in  lottery draw. This is because all the higher slab winning  of Kerala this are reserved for sold tickets only. if a top level wining is drawn to any unsold number then it is re-drawn till the e is won by a sold number. There is always a first win amount  winner among customers, re-sellers or agents, but the first wining amount  is always given out.The draws are done publicly and any person can participate in the draws. Social dignities are invited according to the importance of the draw and they also participate and operate the switch of the drawing machine. The winning amounts are credited to the bank account of the winner in due time after deducting taxes and agency commissions. Those all account for the popularity of Kerala lotteries.

Today's Draw:-

The Kerala lottery drawn  is of this draw which is a weekly lottery drawn on every Wednesdays. Kerala lottery result  today draw  Akshaya (AK-301) on 12 July 2017. Today's Kerala lottery draw will start by 3:00 PM. The first draw of this lottery was conducted on 29/09/2011. The first Akshaya draw carried a first winner of Rs.25 Lakh. The tickets were printed in five series. The second prize was Rs.1,00,000/- for 5 tickets one in each series. Today's draw of Akshaya will be conducted at Sree Chitra Home Auditourim, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. The draw will start at 3:30 PM and will be held in the presence of invited dignitaries and public. Any one can participate in the draw and even operate the drawing machine to draw a lucky number. The draw is done with the machine supplied by  Metal Engineering Ltd a government under taking company. The first and major winner are drawn by the invited dignitaries and then public are allowed to operate the switch of the drawing machine. Wining are drawn from first to cast. In draw the first letter's socket for "A" will be kept fixed and A,B,C,D, E, G, H, J, K and L will be included in the draw. In numerical section the first revolving set will contain numbers 1 to 9 all other sets will contain numbers 0 to 9.As the switch is pressed the wheels containing letter and numbers revolve and stop in random position thus winning numbers are drawn. 4 digit numbers are drawn after the higher prizes and 5 digit number. For this there are eight slots with 4 numbers in a slots. All the wheels in these slots are marked with numbers 0 to 9.    

Odds Of Winning:-

Chance of winning a lottery is an important factor that a lottery player is concerned about while participating in a live draw. This depends upon the winnerstructure of the lottery, number of prizes in each slab and total number of tickets, etc....As per a latest news 40% of the total fund of the lottery is set aside for the prize pool. Kerala lottery department has announced that the prize pool portion will be increased from 40% to 50% and number of lower prizes will be increased. Chance of winning a prize depends up on  number of total tickets and number of winning awarded in a tier  or number of total prizes. Now Akshaya's prize structure revised, number of total tickets printed is raised from 45 lakh to 90 lakh , almost doubled. Total  number of prizes are also increased from 1,18,910 to 1,60,230. the total prize numbers are more than doubled. That means a lottery player can enjoy the happiness of winning table of Akshaya lottery based on the new winning structure.They hope this will increase the interest of the player.We have worked out the chance of winning a prize in Akshaya lottery in all tiers and all together. "Odds of winnings of Akshaya, click here"

Deductions from prizes;-

The prizes from first to third are subjected to reductions.Agency commission 10%is deducted from the winier  money and income tax 30% is again deducted. So the final amount after in these prizes will be as below approximate 1st prize will be paid with Rs.31,50,000/-. Each second prize winners  winners will get 1,26,000 rupees in lamp sum and the each 3rd prize winner will be getting Rs.63,000/-.The lower category winnings from 4th to 8th and consolation prizes are fully awarded to the winner. Income tax is not deducted from these winning. Sure there are agency commission for these prizes, but they are paid from the government fund. You may be curious how much will be the deductions and hoe much will you get in final. Visit this page " The final amount to the winner"

Kerala lottery Results:-

After the draw, with the permission of respective official of lottery department the result is published in the official website of Kerala  by 3.45 to 4.00 pm since the draw starts at 3.00 pm, today first prize number and other numbers are announced publicly from 3.03 pm, you may get some live result numbers in some web sites or in social medias. These live result are only for in informational purpose,they are not confirmed. you are strongly recommenced to check your numbers in official result published above. Result of today's draw will also be published in tomorrow's news papers released in Kerala.The final document to confirm the result will be the gazette published by state  government of Kerala. You can't completely depend on live Kerala lottery result today, you are requested to verify it with the full Kerala lottery result this or official Kerala lottery result today.

Prize claim:-

Prizes in Kerala lotteries can be claimed in multi methods according to the prize amount. It your prize is Rs.5000 or less you can approach a registers Kerala lottery agent to get your winning ticket exchanged to prize money. Though an agent is not obliged to receive the winning ticket, normally they happily accept the winning tickets if it is not damaged or forged if the winning amount is more than Rs.5,000 and not greater than 1 lakh you may approach any district lottery office and forward a claim application along with relevant documents to prove your identity and address and your bank account details. The prize amount will be credited to your bank account after the process for the prizes more than 1 lack you have to submit a prize claim application to the director of Kerala this  (Thiruvananthapuram) directly or though a Nationalized / Scheduled/ State or District co-operative bank with relevant documents and proofs. It is better to approach your bank, they will handle the formalities for you. Click here to know more about prize calming and supporting documents needed.

Responsible Play:-

Indulging in lotteries without any discrimination may bring heavy damage to your financial position. one should very much aware that how much can he spend for try his luck in Winning a lottery depends on odds and your luck. you cannot hope winning a lottery by increasing the number of tickets you purchase. While you are buying 2 tickets than 1 ticket,it's right that you are doubling your chance.But your chance to win a prize only increase by a very tiny margin .In the case of today those lottery you are increasing your chance from 1:90 lakh to 2:90 lakh. Kerala lottery department takes all the measures to prevent heavy gambling with Kerala lottery in time to time.

 Though we publish Kerala lottery results with utmost care, we are not responsible for its accuracy especially in the case of live Kerala lottery results. There may be some mistakes because of miscommunication, though none are reported till now. So you are strongly advised to confirm your  winning numbers of Kerala lottery result with the Kerala lottery results "Official Copy" which is always published on the next page of the result. If there are any disputes regarding Kerala lottery result, then Thiruvananthapuram will be the jurisdiction of that.

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About Kerala Lottery Draws

The draw today will start from 3:00 PM. The winning numbers are announced in the venue as the draw progress. these information are passed as live result numbers. We want to warn you that this live Kerala lottery result numbers are shared through whats app or social media are just for early knowing of Kerala lottery results which are not official. As far as we know Kerala State lottery department is not responsible for these live propaganda of winning numbers and do not own for the mistakes in numbers in these live streaming or updating. We strongly recommend you not to depend completely on live numbers, but to wait till the Official result is published. Live Kerala lottery result today may start flowing from 3:03 PM today. The official Kerala lottery result will be available by 4:00 PM today. We publish Kerala lottery results in two different formats in the same page, the first one is the check easy Kerala lottery results. In this Check easy Kerala lottery results we have arranged the result numbers in separate lines so that you can check the last four digit winning numbers very easily. Just below this Check easy result you can see the copy of the official Kerala lottery result published by the department in their official website. State lottery department publishes the Kerala lottery results in the PDF format. We have converted it to jpeg format so that you can view the winning numbers without downloading. You can tap or click on these results to view them enlarged. We recommend you to re check the results published in the websites once again with those published in the daily news papers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. The final document to confirm the winning numbers will be the gazette of Kerala government, if there are any disputes with the numbers in Kerala lottery results.