STHREE SAKTHI (SS-61) Lottery Result on 27.06.2017

The Kerala lottery result  today of Sthreesakthi on 27/06/2017 draw number : (SS-61) is published below in check easy format. The draw will start at 3:00 PM and the live Kerala lottery result today shall be released from 3:03 PM. The complete result is published between 4:00 and 4:15 PM here. Always verify the winning numbers with official result and Kerala government Gazette.
Kerala Lottery Sthreesakthi (SS-61)
Kerala Lottery Today_Sthree Sakthi (SS-61)

Kerala Lottery Result Today

SthreeSakthi (SS-61)

Dated : 27/06/2017 (Tuesday)


1st Prize- Rs : 60,00,000/- (60 Lakh)
SD 105879 (KOTTAYAM)

Consolation Prize-Rs.10,000/-
SA 105879   SB 105879   SC 105879 
SE 105879   SG 105879   SH 105879 
SJ 105879   SK 105879   SL 105879

2nd Prize- Rs.10,00,000/- (10 Lakh)

3rd Prize- Rs 5,000/-
4292 4930 
5201 5280 5921 

4th Prize- Rs. 2,000/- 
0038 0201 
2363 2373 
4569 4728 
6052 6069 6815 
8199 8544 

5th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 
0855 0933 
1491 1965 
2009 2238 
3657 3683 
4628 4881 4994 
5236 5621 5665 
6024 6468 
7154 7382 7506 7627 7670 7792 
8771 8773 
9750 9881

6th Prize- Rs. 500/-
0297 0409 0553 0588 0778 0899 
1150 1366 1520 1546 1899 
2497 2910 
4006 4159 4324 4960 
6009 6197 6360 
7082 7409 
8009 8091 8374 8600 8769 
9253 9334 9649 9658

7th Prize- Rs. 200/-
0408 0460 0547 0860 
1206 1335 1484 
2616 2830 
3183 3186 3270 3325 3387 3417 
5050 5079 5239 5560 5563 5770 5824 5851 5890 
6237 6327 6479 
7087 7253 7492 7614 
8117 8120 8205 8640 8652 
9481 9669 9692 

8th Prize- Rs. 100/- 
0175 0294 0318 0324 0498 0709 0724 0735 0832 0939 
1098 1681 1731 1908 1961 
2003 2062 2111 2138 2141 2266 2405 2552 2776 2948 
3028 3141 3161 3280 3378 3406 3553 3642 3744 3822 3866 
4010 4318 4447 4600 4835 4866 4940 4963 4983 
5083 5102 5163 5256 5381 5714 5720 5741 5913 
6176 6374 6729 6927 6945 
7218 7415 7686 7822 7886 
8019 8093 8268 8298 8419 8612 8677 8939 8994 
9019 9084 9182 9247 9450 9689 9715 9736 9840 9887 9912 9959 

(Official Result Today Copy)
Kerala Lottery Result of Sthree Sakthi (SS-61)_Part 01
Kerala Lottery Result_Sthree Sakthi (SS-61)_ Part 01

Kerala Lottery Result of Sthree Sakthi (SS-61)_Part 02
Kerala Lottery Result_Sthree Sakthi (SS-61)_ Part 02

You are requested to check the result and submit for the winner claim within 30 days from the date of the draw after verifying with the Gazette of State Government.
Next Sthreesakthi (SS-62) draw will be held on 03/07/2017; Tuesday at 3:30 PM. The venue will be "Sree Chitra Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, Thiruvananthapuram.  

Kerala Lotteries;-

Kerala state government runs many lotteries directly to find funds for its development process and to support some philanthropic activities. It has formed a department under the ministry of taxes to conduct lotto in the sate. Now the Kerala lotto department conducts 7 weekly lotteries in a week and 6 bumper lotteries in an year. It has a wide network of conducting lotteries. Hundreds of government officials and thousands of registered agents and Lakhs of re-sellers are involved in this process. There are well fore funds for agents and re-sellers more than the profit they get through the sale tickets. Bonus is also provided at the time of Kerala onam festival lotto not only fills somebody's dreams come true quickly but also helps lakhs of people for living

Today's Draw;-

The Kerala lotto result drawn today is Sthree Sakthi, which is a weekly lottery drawn on every Tuesdays Sthree Sakthi is one of the newest weekly lotteries. The first draw of this lotto result was conducted on 03 May 2016 just completed it first year. Sthree Sakthi was started on a special purpose to find funds for empowerment of marginalized women in Kerala . The profits from this lotto result is supposed to help re-settle widows, to help poor young women to get married and start small business for women.

Sthree Sakthi Lottery;-

MRP of a lotto result ticket is Rs.50/- tickets are printed in 5 series. The first letter of all series starts with the letter ''S'' and the Second letter varies in every draw like SA,SB,SC,SD and SEO Nine lakh tickets are printed in a series for the maximum. Tickets numbers start from 100000 and ends in 999999. Thus there may be a total of 45 lakh tickets printed for sale. Note that the tickets are printed depending on the sale, There will be many security meas ares printed on the ticket to product customers from takes tickets. The current prize structure and the terms and conditions are printed behind the ticket. Contact number of  Kerala lottery directrote is also provided behind the ticket. You may view more details about what is printed on a Sthree Sakthi ticket by clicking here .

Prize structure;-

There are 8 tier of prizes and 1 slab of consolation reward for Sthree Sakthi lottery. The first prize rupees 1 core is awarded to a ticket common to all series second chance Rs. 5 lakh is disbursed to 5 tickets one from each series. The third chance 1 lakh rupees is given away to 10 tickets 2 from each series. 4th chance Rs. 10,000 is decided by drawing last 5 digits once. There many be 45 Prizes  after    maximum this slab Rs. 5,000 is given away to a maximum number of 9000 tickets by drawing last 4 digits 20 times as 5th chance. Last 4 digits are to be drawn 40 times to find the numbers which are to be presented with Rs. 1000 as the 6th chance 7th chance Rs.500/- is given to a maximum of 18,000 tickets decided by drawing last 4 digits 40 times. Last and the 8th chance Rs. 100/- is awarded to 27,000 tickets by drawing last 4 digits 60 times. 4 consolation prizes are awarded the numbers of the first amount but differ in series. Total collection inexpedient lotto draw is Rs. 22,50,00,000/- it all the tickets are sold total top  amount given out will be 8,86,90,000 rupees. Rs. 91,39000 will be paid as Kerala lotto agency commission and Rs.77,89,000/- will be paid from government fund.

Deductions from prizes;-

The prizes from first to third are subjected to reductions.Agency commission 10%is deducted from the prize money and income tax 30% is again deducted. So the final amount after in these prizes will be as below approximate 1st amount will be paid with Rs.63 lakh, each second amount winners will get 3,15,000 and the third prize winners will be awarded with  63,000/- in lump sun.The lower category prizes from 4th to 8th and consolation prizes are fully awarded to the winner. Income tax is not deducted from these prizes. Sure there are agency commission for these prizes, but they are paid from the government fund .

Today's Draw ;-

Today's Kerala lotto result draw of Sthree Sakthi (SS-57) will be conducted at at Sree Chitra Auditorium ,Pazhavagadi east fort, Thiruvananthapuram. The draw will began at 3.30 the presence of invited social diglnitires and public people. The draw is done with the machine supplied by  Metal Enginering Ltd a government under taking company. The first and major prizes are drawn by the invited diginitres and then public are allowed to operate the switch of the drawing machine. Prizes are drawn from first to cast. In today's draw the first letter's will be kept fixed and A,B,C,D & E will be included in the draw. In numerical section the first revolving set will contain numbers 1 to 9 all other sets will contain numbers 0 to 9.As the switch is pressed the wheels containing letter and numbers revolve and stop in random position thus winning numbers are drawn. 4 digit numbers are drawn other the higher prizes and 5 digit number. For this there are eight slots with 4 numbers in a slots. All the wheels in these slots are marked with numbers 0 to 9.

Kerala lottery Result;-

After the draw with the permission of respective official of lotto department the result is published in the official website of Kerala lotto by 4.20 to 4.30 pm since the draw starts at 3.30 pm, the first top number and other numbers are announced public ally 3 from 3.33 pm, you may get some live result numbers in some web sites or in social medias. These live result are only for  informational purpose,they are not confirmed. you are Strong recommenced to check your numbers in official result published above. Result of today's draw will also be published in tomorrow's news papers released in Kerala .The final document to confirm the result will be the gazette published by state  government of Kerala .

Prize claim;-

Prizes in Kerala lotto can be claimed in multi methods according to the prize amount. It your prize is Rs.5000 or less you can approach a registered Kerala lotto agent to get your prize winning ticket exchanged to amount  money. Though an agent is not obliged to receive the winning ticket, normally they happy accept the winning tickets if it is not damaged or forged if the winning amount is more than Rs.5,000 and not greater than 1 lakh you may approach any district lotto office and forward a claim application along with relevant documents to prove your identity and address and your bank account details. The prize amount will be credited to your bank account after the process for the prizes more than 1 lack you have to submit a prize claim application to the director of Kerala lotteries (Thiruvananthapuram) directly or though a Nationalised / Sheduled/ State or District co-operative bank with relevent documents and proofs. It is better to approach your bank, they will handle the formalities for you. Click here to know more about prize calming and supporting documents needed .

Resposible Play;-

Indulging in lotto without any discrimination may bring heavy damage to your financial position. one should very much aware that how much can he spend for try his luck in lotto. Winning a lotto depends on odds and your luck. you cannot hope winning a lotto by increasing the number of tickets you purchase.While you are buying 2 tickets than 1 ticket,it's right that you are doubling your chance. But your chance to win a prize only increase by a very tiny margin .In the case of SthreeSakthi lotto you are increasing your chance from 1:45 lakh to 2:45 lakh .kerala lottery department takes all the measures to prevent heavy gambling with Kerala lotto in time to time.

Odds Of Winning;-

Chance of winning a lottery is an important factor that a lottery player is concerned about while participating in a lottery draw. This depends upon the prize structure of the lottery, number of prizes in each slab and total number of tickets, etc....As per a latest news 40% of the total fund of the lottery is set aside for the prize pool. Kerala lottery department has announced that the prize pool portion will be increased from 40% to 50% and number of lower prizes will be increased. They hope this will increase the interest of the player.We have worked out the chance of winning a prize in SthreeSakthi lottery in all tiers and all together. Click here to view the odds of winning of today's lottery.

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About Kerala Lottery Draws

The draw today will start from 3:00 PM. The winning numbers are announced in the venue as the draw progress. these information are passed as live result numbers. We want to warn you that this live Kerala lottery result numbers are shared through whats app or social media are just for early knowing of Kerala lottery results which are not official. As far as we know Kerala State lottery department is not responsible for these live propaganda of winning numbers and do not own for the mistakes in numbers in these live streaming or updating. We strongly recommend you not to depend completely on live numbers, but to wait till the Official result is published. Live Kerala lottery result today may start flowing from 3:03 PM today. The official Kerala lottery result will be available by 4:00 PM today. We publish Kerala lottery results in two different formats in the same page, the first one is the check easy Kerala lottery results. In this Check easy Kerala lottery results we have arranged the result numbers in separate lines so that you can check the last four digit winning numbers very easily. Just below this Check easy result you can see the copy of the official Kerala lottery result published by the department in their official website. State lottery department publishes the Kerala lottery results in the PDF format. We have converted it to jpeg format so that you can view the winning numbers without downloading. You can tap or click on these results to view them enlarged. We recommend you to re check the results published in the websites once again with those published in the daily news papers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. The final document to confirm the winning numbers will be the gazette of Kerala government, if there are any disputes with the numbers in Kerala lottery results.