Previous Kerala Lottery Results of "Monsoon Bumper"

Previous Kerala Lottery Results

Monsoon Bumper Lottery


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Kerala lottery department conducts 6 bumper lottery draws in an year besides the seven weekly lottery draws conducted in a week. The bumper lotteries of Kerala Lottery are the lotteries which are conducted in alternate months and carry a bigger prize structure than the normal weekly lotteries. Now the maximum retail prize of Kerala bumper lotteries are Rs.100/- or Rs.200/-. The first prize varies from Rs.3 Crore to Rs.8 Crore. 

"Monsoon Bumper" is a bumper Kerala lottery which is drawn in the month of July. Normally the cost of a ticket will be rupees 100/- and the first prize will be Rs.3 Crore / Rs. 4 Crore. The sale of this bumper lottery starts in the month of May as the draw of  Vishu Bumper (which is another Kerala lottery bumper draw) is over. After 2 months it is drawn on the third or fourth week of  July. You may have a detailed look on the prize structure of latest Monsoon Bumper by clicking here.

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