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Kerala Lottery Today_Karunya Plus_KN-167
Kerala Lottery Karunya Plus (KN-167)



Dated : 29 JUNE 2017 (Thursday)

Serials Today: 
PM, PO, PP, PS, PY, PU, PW, PX, PY, & PZ

1st Prize- Rs : 50,00,000/- (50 Lakh) 
PW 270947 (KANNUR) 

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
PM 270947 
PO 270947 
PP 270947 
PS 270947 
PT 270947 
PU 270947 
PX 270947 
PY 270947 
PZ 270947

2nd Prize Rs.1,00,000/- (1 Lakh) 

PM 724489 (WAYANAD)
PM 791553 (THRISSUR)
PO 167419 (KOLLAM)
PP 182359 (KOTTAYAM)
PS 845243 (PALAKKAD)
PT 183936 (KOTTAYAM)
PX 168243 (KOLLAM)


3rd Prize- Rs :5,000/-
0980 2004 2916 3406 3453
4561 6624 7269 8896 9498

4th Prize- Rs. 2,000/- 

1104 1548 2356 5276 5642 
6005 6565 7019 7968 8731 
8835 9616

5th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 
0576 0849 1254 2160 2195 
2515 3701 4220 4234 4596 
4614 4659 5549 5737 6512 
6572 6805 7156 7442 7451 
7913 7991 8717 8880 9224 

6th Prize- Rs. 500/-  
0650 1045 1075 1638 1673 
2325 2556 2654 2894 2957 
3068 3691 3831 4526 4558 
5146 5378 6043 6364 6390 
6397 6666 7094 7273 7405 
7434 7538 7720 7856 8147 
9884 9910 9958 9989 

7th Prize Rs. 200/- 
0632 1205 1305 2142 2143 
2312 2535 2967 3164 3458 
4265 4330 4627 4696 5035 
5106 5109 5127 5175 5236 
5498 5785 6117 6452 6772 
6810 6843 7051 7060 7389 
7593 7725 7874 8031 8252 
8495 8502 8643 8927 9229 
9256 9804 

8th Prize- Rs.100/- 

0218 0324 0338 0367 0396 0409 0548 0580 0648 0763 0772 0791 0893 
1249 1250 1252 1273 1753 1809 1866 1939 
2119 2394 2697 2706 2814 2882 
3061 3078 3088 3238 3340 3426 3787 
4030 4077 4150 4285 4556 4595 4599 4922 4967 
5053 5067 5195 5204 5459 5623 5701 5738 5801 5804 
6207 6225 6292 6404 6527 6548 6727 6893 6901 
7014 7105 7259 7300 7401 7446 7470 7623 7971 
8002 8011 8119 8166 8375 8382 8418 8657 
9137 9139 9195 9439 9734 9855


(Official Result Copy Today)

Kerala Lottery Result of karunyaplus(kn-167)_Part 01
Kerala Lottery Result_Karunyaplus (KN-167)_ Part 01
Kerala Lottery Result of Karunyaplus (KN-167)_Part 02
Kerala Lottery Result_Karunyaplus(KN-167)_ Part 02

 The winners are advised to verify the above Kerala lottery result with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning Kerala lottery tickets within 30 days.

Next Karunya Plus lottery numbered (KN-168) draw will be  held on 05 July 2017; Thursday at Sree Chitra Home Auditourim, Nalumukku, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. The Kerala lottery result of the same will be released by 4:00 PM on the same day. 

Find above the check easy Kerala Lottery Result of  Karunaya Plus (KN-167) on 29/06/217. You can check the last 4 digit results very easily here. 

About Kerala Lotteries:-

Kerala state government runs many pre printed raffle lotteries to support the government's development process and benevolent activities from the profits raised from those draws.  The government has formed Kerala lottery department under Ministry of Taxes to execute this process. These draws were started in Kerala from 1967 as the first state to conduct draw in India. Though these draws have a gambling nature these are kept in such a way to prevent mass gambling and addiction. Kerala lottery department has revised the structures of  tickets many times and taken many measures to avoid heavy gambling tendencies of the participants of the Kerala lotteries. In olden days there were guarantee wins for the the last number drawn, which lead the lottery players to purchase a lot of tickets with same last number only aiming on the last win amount. Then the Kerala lottery department avoided prizes for last digit and then again cancelled the winnings for last 2 and 3 digits Now the last prize itself is for the ticket which matches last 4 digits, which has avoided a lot of heavy gambling tendency among the participants

Kerala Lotteries;-

Kerala state government runs many lotteries directly to find funds for its development process and to support some philanthropic activities. It has formed a department under the ministry of taxes to conduct draws in the sate. Now the Kerala lottery department conducts 7 weekly lotteries in a week and 6 bumper draws in an year. It has a wide network of conducting draws. Hundreds of government officials and thousands of registered agents and Lakhs of re-sellers are involved in this process. There are well fore funds for agents and re-sellers more than the profit they get through the sale tickets. Bonus is also provided at the time of the festival of Onam Kerala lottery  not only fills somebody's dreams come true quickly but also helps lakhs of people for living

Popularity of Kerala Lottery:-

The  first and the most important reason for the popularity of Kerala state lotteries all over the state is transparency and the trust that has shown by the department for these long years. Thickets are printed in government presses with many security features. The distribution system till the agents is fully controlled by government officials. There are no bulk distributors or bulk agents, all the agents can procure tickets from the offices directly. Becoming an agent is very easy process and just costs Rs.300/- per year. Another notable policy is that all the upper tier winnings are only given away to sold tickets. If a higher wins is drawn to an unsold ticket with department the it is re drawn till the prizes goes to a sold ticket. So there are always some millionaires made in the each draw.  

Today's Draw:-

The Kerala lottery drawn today is of Karunya Plus, which is a weekly lottery drawn on every Thursdays. The first draw of this lottery was conducted on 03/04/2014. The first Karunyaplus draw carried a first winning amount of Rs. 1 Crore. The tickets were printed in five series. The second win amount was Rs.20,00,000/- for 1 ticket common to all series. Today's draw of Karunayaplus will be conducted at Sree Chitra Home Auditourim, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram. The draw will start at 3:30 PM and will be held in the presence of invited dignitaries and public. Any one can participate in the draw and even operate the drawing machine to draw a lucky number. The draw is done with the machine supplied by  Metal Engineering Ltd a government under taking company. The first and major amount are drawn by the invited dignitaries and then public are allowed to operate the switch of the drawing machine. Amounts are drawn from first to last. In today's draw the first letter's socket for "P" will be kept fixed and A,B,C,D, E, G, H, J, K & L or M, O, P, S, T, U, W, X, Y & Z will be included in the draw. In numerical section the first revolving set will contain numbers 1 to 9 all other sets will contain numbers 0 to 9.As the switch is pressed the wheels containing letter and numbers revolve and stop in random position thus winning numbers are drawn. 4 digit numbers are drawn after the higher slabs. For this there are eight slots with 4 numbers in a slots. All the wheels in these slots are marked with numbers 0 to 9.    

Karunya Plus Lottery:-

MRP of this ticket is Rs.30/- tickets are printed in 10 series. The first letter of all series starts with the letter ''P'' and the second letter varies in every draw like PA,PB,PC,PD,PE,PG,PH,PJ,PK and PL or PM,PO,PP,PS,PT,PU,PW,PX,PY and PZ. Nine lakh tickets are printed in a series for the maximum. Tickets numbers start from 100000 and ends in 999999. Thus there may be a total of 90 lakh tickets printed for sale. Note that the tickets are printed depending on the sale, There will be many security meas ares printed on the ticket to product customers from takes tickets. The current prize structure and the terms and conditions are printed behind the ticket. Contact number of  Kerala lottery directorate is also provided behind the ticket. You can view all these things marked on by visiting "Understanding Karunyaplus" page. 

Prize structure:-

There are 8 tier of winnings and 1 slab of consolation amount for Karunyaplus. The first winning amount rupees 50 lakh is awarded to a ticket common to all series second prize Rs. 2 lakh is disbursed to 20 tickets one from each series. The third prize Rs. 5,000/- is given away to 9000 tickets by drawing last 4 digits 10 times. 4th winning amount Rs. 2,000 is decided by drawing last 4 digits 12 times up to 10,800 tickets. Rs. 1,000 is given away to a maximum number of 23,400 tickets by drawing last 4 digits 26 times as 5th prize. Last 4 digits are to be drawn 34 times to find the numbers which are to be presented with Rs. 500 as the 6th prize. 7th prize Rs.200/- is given to a maximum of 37,800 tickets decided by drawing last 4 digits drawn 42 times. Last and the 8th prize  Rs. 100/- is awarded to 76,500 tickets by drawing last 4 digits 85 times. 9 consolation prizes of Rs.10,000/- are awarded to the tickets which match the numbers of the first prize but differ in series. Total prize amount given out will be 12,76,00,000 rupees and Rs. 1,27,60,000 will be paid as Kerala lottery agency commission.  Structures of winning of Kerala lotteries are revised time to time so don't forget to have a look on the current one. Please click here to view the complete prize structure and other details of Karunyaplus.  

Odds Of Winning:-

Chance of winning a lottery is an important factor that a lottery player is concerned about while participating in a lottery draw. This depends upon the prize structure of the lottery, number of prizes in each slab and total number of tickets, etc....As per a latest news 40% of the total fund of the lottery is set aside for the prize pool. Kerala lottery department has announced that the prize pool portion will be increased from 40% to 50% and number of lower prizes will be increased. They hope this will increase the interest of the player.We have worked out the chance of winning a prize in Karunyaplus lottery in all tiers and all together. "Odds of winnings of Karunyaplus click here"

Deductions from prizes;-

The prizes from first and are subjected to reductions. Agency commission 10%is deducted from the winning money and income tax 30% is again deducted. So the final amount after in these prizes will be as below approximate 1st prize will be paid with Rs.40,95,000/-. Each second prize winners  prize winners will get 1,26,000 rupees in lamp sum.The lower category prizes from 3rd to 8th and consolation prizes are fully awarded to the winner. Income tax is not deducted from these prizes. Sure there are agency commission for these prizes, but they are paid from the government fund. You may be curious how much will be the deductions and hoe much will you get in final. Visit this page "The final amount to the winner"

Kerala lottery Results:-

After the draw, with the permission of respective official of lottery department the result is published in the official website of Kerala lotteries by 4.20 to 4.30 pm since the draw starts at 3.30 pm, the first winning number and other numbers are announced publicly from 3.33 pm, you may get some live result numbers in some web sites or in social medias. These live result are only for in informational purpose,they are not confirmed. you are strongly recommenced to check your numbers in official result published above. Result of today's draw will also be published in tomorrow's news papers released in Kerala.The final document to confirm the result will be the gazette published by state  government of Kerala Though we have published Kerala lottery result today with utmost care, we are not responsible for its accuracy especially in the case of live Kerala lottery result today. There may be some mistakes because of miscommunication, though none are reported till now. So you are strongly advised to confirm your winning numbers of Kerala lottery result todat with the Kerala lottery result today "Official copy" which is always published on the next page of the result.   

Prize claim;-

Prizes in Kerala lottery can be claimed in multi methods according to the winning amount. It your prize is Rs.5000 or less you can approach a registers Kerala lottery agent to get your prize winning ticket exchanged to prize money. Though an agent is not obliged to receive the winning ticket, normally they happly accept the winning tickets if it is not damaged or forged if the winning amount is more than Rs.5,000 and not greater than 1 lakh you may approach any district lottery office and forward a claim application along with relevant documents to prove your identity and address and your bank account details. The winning amount will be credited to your bank account after the process for the prizes more than 1 lack you have to submit a claim application to the director of Kerala lotteries (Thiruvananthapuram) directly or though a Nationalized / Scheduled/ State or District co-operative bank with relevant documents and proofs. It is better to approach your bank, they will handle the formalities for you.

Resposible Play;-

Indulging in lotteries without any discrimination may bring heavy damage to your financial position. one should very much aware that how much can he spend for try his luck in lotteries. Winning a lottery depends on odds and your luck. you cannot hope winning a lottery by increasing the number of tickets you purchase. While you are buying 2 tickets than 1 ticket,it's right that you are doubling your chance.But your chance to win a prize only increase by a very tiny margin .In the case of SthreeSakthi lottery you are increasing your chance from 1:45 lakh to 2:45 lakh .Kerala lottery department takes all the measures to prevent heavy gambling with Kerala lotteries in time to time.

Prize Structures of Weekly Lotteries

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About Kerala Lottery Draws

The draw today will start from 3:00 PM. The winning numbers are announced in the venue as the draw progress. these information are passed as live result numbers. We want to warn you that this live Kerala lottery result numbers are shared through whats app or social media are just for early knowing of Kerala lottery results which are not official. As far as we know Kerala State lottery department is not responsible for these live propaganda of winning numbers and do not own for the mistakes in numbers in these live streaming or updating. We strongly recommend you not to depend completely on live numbers, but to wait till the Official result is published. Live Kerala lottery result today may start flowing from 3:03 PM today. The official Kerala lottery result will be available by 4:00 PM today. We publish Kerala lottery results in two different formats in the same page, the first one is the check easy Kerala lottery results. In this Check easy Kerala lottery results we have arranged the result numbers in separate lines so that you can check the last four digit winning numbers very easily. Just below this Check easy result you can see the copy of the official Kerala lottery result published by the department in their official website. State lottery department publishes the Kerala lottery results in the PDF format. We have converted it to jpeg format so that you can view the winning numbers without downloading. You can tap or click on these results to view them enlarged. We recommend you to re check the results published in the websites once again with those published in the daily news papers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. The final document to confirm the winning numbers will be the gazette of Kerala government, if there are any disputes with the numbers in Kerala lottery results.