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Sthree Sakthi (SS-56) Live : Kerala lottery Results on 23.05.2017

Welcome to www.keralalotteries.info.
Live Kerala lottery result of Sthreesakthi (SS-56)  on 23/05/2017 is published below. The draw will start at 3:30 PM and the live result shall be released from 3:32 PM. The complete result is  released by 4:30 PM here. You can also view the official today by 4:30 PM. Always verify the winning numbers with official results and Kerala government Gazette.


SthreeSakthi (SS-56)

Dated : 23/05/2017 (Tuesday)


1st Prize- Rs :1,00,00,000/- (1 Crore)
SX 652156 (KOTTAYAM)

Consolation Prize-Rs.10,000/-
SU 652156 SW 652156 
SY 652156 SZ 652156 

2nd Prize- Rs.5,00,000/- (5 Lakh)
SW 645495 (THRISSUR) 
SY 352441 (KASARGODE) 
SZ 472075 (KOTTAYAM)

3rd Prize- Rs.1,00,000/- (1 Lakh)
SU 415647 (WAYANAD) 
SU 556769 (THRISSUR) 
SW 429962 (ALAPPUZHA) 
SW 727909 (PALAKKAD) 
SX 494296 (THRISSUR) 
SY 527718 (KOTTAYAM) 


4th Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
5th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
2802 2877 
3400 3408 
4774 4954 
6109 6566 6866 
7379 7479 7510 7581 7679 
9185 9496 9602

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-
0390 0645 0729 0731 0741 0809 0874 
1231 1575 1849 1870 
2340 2382 2597 2789 2887 
3019 3477 3594 3605 
5159 5305 5373 
6073 6082 6179 6614 6772 
7061 7331 7567 7716 7964 
8644 8994 
9010 9031 9690 9915 

7th Prize- Rs. 500/-

0177 0220 0253 
1381 1454 1532 1683 1793 
2010 2136 2519 2608 2636 2827 
3357 3425 3640 
4121 4165 
5131 5164 5406 5685 5707 5714 5800 
6214 6976 
7043 7140 7474 7695 7795 7864 
8356 8380 
9071 9371 9794 9847

8th Prize- Rs. 100/- 
0133 0460 0614 0828 0952 
1560 1580 1661 1718 1826 1951 
3169 3257 3300 3305 3386 3439 3531 3584 3994 
4190 4233 4545 4718 4804 4857 4902 4970 
5320 5513 5555 5736 5753 5844 5880 5959 5979 
6325 6577 6686 6903 6973 
7221 7594 7700 
8083 8466 8487 8589 8690 8822 8831 
9053 9135 9334 9570 9591 9615 9737 


Official Result of STHREESAKTHI (SS_56)) on 23/05/2017

You are requested to verify Kerala lottery result with the State Government Gazette and surrender the lottery result winning tickets before 30 day of the draw. Click here to view the Prize Claiming Procedure of Kerala Lotteries.
Next SthreeSakthi (SS-57) draw will be held on 30/05/2017; Tuesday at 3:30 PM. The venue will be Sree Chitra Home Auditorium itself. 
Welcome to www.keralalotteries.info. Today's (23 May 2017; Tuesday) draw is of SthreeSakthi (SS-56) a Kerala weekly lottery drawn on every Tuesday by Department of Kerala Lotteries. Live Kerala lottery result from 3:30 PM and Complete Kerala lottery  result by 4:30 PM today.   

 MRP of a todays winning  ticket is Rs.50/-, Offering a 1st prize of Rs. 1 Crore before taxes and agency commission.  Rs. 5 lakh is given away to 5 tickets one each from all series thus a total of 25 lakh. Rs.1 lakh for 10 tickets 2 each from all 5 series. These are upper tier prizes in which taxes and commission are deducted. See the Prize Structure of SthreeSakthi to know more about it's prizes.   

A total number of 45 Lakh tickets are printed for maximum in all 5 series. There are many details about the screen and secrete marks on the lottery to avoid forgery. Terms and conditions are printed behind the tickets. Have a look at "Understanding today's ticket" to know that how the lottery look like and what are the things printed on it?. You will be curious to know that what will be your chance to win a prize if you take one ticket to check your luck? Chance of winning depends on the total number of tickets and the prize structure of the draw. Have a look at the "Odds of Winning of SthreeSakthi"You can understand what is your chance to win a prize in SthreeSakthi screen. 

Today's lottery gives out a first prize of Rs. 10 million (from which 10% agency commission and 30% income tax will be reduced)  for a ticket common to all series. The 2nd  & the third prize  5 lakh for 5 ticket one each from 5 series.  Rs. 1 lakh is offered to 10 tickets 2 from each series. All these upper lair prizes are subjected to income tax and agency commission.There are many lower tier prizes from Rs.10,000/-  to Rs.100/- in which the winners need not pay any tax or commissions. The winner gets these "Final Amounts to the prize winners of this draw". The total number of the prizes may sum up to 1,18,910 number if all the tickets are sold. Total prize money at the maximum will be Rs.11,92,90,000/-. 

Today's draw is conducted at Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Nalu Mullu, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram which is the permanent drawing spot of Kerala lotteries. The draw was conducted by the government officials from the office of The Directorate of State Lotteries.Kerala government gazette will be the final document to confirm the lottery result of Kerala lotteries.In our site it is very easy to check your Kerala lottery result, especially last 4 digit prizes. if your last four digits are "4258", you have to check only the line starting with "4" in our check easy Kerala lottery result pages. Though we publish Kerala lottery result numbers with utmost care, we are not responsible for its accuracy especially in the case of live Kerala lottery result numbers providing. There may be some mistakes because of communication gap, though none are reported till now. So you are strongly advised to confirm your numbers of Kerala lottery result with the Kerala lottery result "Official Copy" which is published on the next page of the result.  
If there are two lottery draws of Kerala lotto on the same day, the first draw will be held at 2:30 PM and the live Kerala lottery result of the first draw will be available from 2:33 PM. Full and official Kerala lottery result of the first draw will be released by 3:30 PM. The second draw starts as soon as the first draw is over, the live Kerala lottery result of the second draw will start flowing from 3:33 PM and the Complete Kerala lottery result of the second draw will be released by 4:30 PM.Kerala government gazette will be the final document to confirm the Kerala lottery result.Kerala lottery result is also published in the leading news papers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. You may also re check your numbers there.

You are requested to re check this Kerala lottery result once again with "Kerala State Government Gazette" and submit your winning claim to the appropriate claim point with in 30 days of the draw.

All the best to win a a big prize in today's draw.
Kerala lottery result official copy of Sthree Sakthi (SS-56)
Kerala lottery result picture (SS-56)

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The Kerala Lottery draw today will start from 3:00 PM. The draw will be conducted at Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram today after noon. Live Kerala Lottery Results Today will start flowing from 3:33 PM today. The official Kerala lottery results today will be available by 4:00 PM today.