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24.05.2017 : AKSHAYA (AK-294) | Kerala Lottery Results

Find Akshaya (AK-294) full result published on 24 May 2017; Wednesday. Today Live Results are published from 3:30 PM and Official Result released at 4:30 PM. Today Result check easy format is the true copy of the Kerala lottery results published by Kerala State Lottery Department. Tap on the image to enlarge.



Dated: 24 May 2017 (Wednesday) 

Todays Series: AM, AO,AP,AS,AT,AU,AW,AX,AY & AZ

1st Prize- Rs. 65,00,000/- (65 Lakh) 
AS 186269 (THRISSUR)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
AM 186269   AO 186269   AP 186269 
AT 186269   AU 186269   AW 186269 
AX 186269   AY 186269   AZ 186269 

2nd Prize- Rs :2,00,000/- 
AM 181996 (THRISSUR) 
AO 620519 (PALAKKAD) 
AP 356626 (PALAKKAD) 
AW 355144 (PALAKKAD) 
AX 250725 (THRISSUR) 
AY 546769 (THRISSUR) 
AZ 233169 (WAYANAD) 


3rd Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-  
0055 0187 0347 0712 
1182 1307 
5262 5561 

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-  
5237 5373 5534 
8001 8284 

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-  
0047 0149 0248 
1012 1140 1602 1962 
3240 3959 
4317 4472 
7314 7432 7756 7845 
8772 8791 8813 
9231 9324

7th Prize- Rs. 500/-  
2005 2112 2889 
3067 3076 3462 
4491 4568 4572 4739 4896 
5420 5463 5547 
6205 6442 6637 
7299 7355 7358 7606 
8040 8547 
9306 9469 9634 

8th Prize- Rs. 100/-  
0116 0676 0791 0868 0894 
1064 1294 1469 1611 1661 1831 
2015 2062 2094 2249 2304 2412 2887 2913 2977 
3070 3364 3644 3687 3740 3976 
4174 4231 4275 4479 4681 4799 
5161 5230 5322 5504 5579 5631 5675 
6066 6346 6464 6877 6902 
7066 7135 7175 7796 
8340 8358 8424 8570 8943 
9186 9498 9584 9688 9713 9799 9918 

The prize winners are advised to verify the Kerala lottery results with the result published in
the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days. 
Next kerala lottery result Akshaya (AK-295) draw will be held on 31/05/2017 at Sree Chitra Home Auditourim, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram by 4:30 PM. 


Kerala lottery department under Ministry of Taxes of Kerala state government runs many pre printed raffle to support the government's development process and benevolent activities from the profits raised from those . Lotteries were started in Kerala from 1967 as the first state to conduct in India. Kerala state government found a government department to conduct this draws to help the state  government in the process of development and benevolent activities to help poor people. The  lottery department started  with a small lottery of MRP Rs. 1/- offering a first winning amount of Rs. 50,000/-. The sale of the first ticket started on 1.11.1967 and the draw was conducted on 26.01.1968. From that starting  lottery department has grown in to a giant organisation , which conducts 7 weekly  in a week and 6 Bumper lottos in an year. So there will a weekly lottery every day. The depart has its head quarters at  Thiruvananthapuram '' The Directorate of Sate Lotteries'' which controls all activities of the department. The  Director of the department will an IAS / IPS official normally. He is assisted by an  Additional director and Joint director. The directorate 3 deputy directors and 4 district lottery officers (HO) in administrative position.Though lotto have a gambling nature Kerala this are kept in such a way to avoid senseless gambling and addiction. Kerala lottery department has revised the winning structures of Kerala the draw many times and taken many other steps to avoid heavy gambling tendencies of the players who take part in the wining . In earlier times there were guarantee prizes for the the last number drawn, which lead the lottery players to purchase a lot of tickets with same last number only aiming on the last winner. The department avoided winning for last single digit then again opted out wining for last 2 and 3 digits Now the last prize itself is for the ticket which matches last 4 digits, which has avoided a lot of heavy gambling tendency among the players.
The Kerala lottery result published here in Image format is the actual winning numbers published by Kerala Lottery Department in PDF format. The true Official format of today's result. Today on 24 May 2017; Wednesday the draw of todays weekly was conducted. Today was the 294th draw of Akshaya, which is drawn on every Wednesdays. An todays weekly lottery ticket costs Rs.30/- and offers a first prize of Rs.65 lakh. The second prize is Rs. 2 lakh for 10 tickets from each 10 series. Many other prizes down to Rs.100/- are available in this draw. All these details are printed on and back of the ticket. You can view all these things marked on by visiting "Understanding Akshaya Lottery" page. There are 8 tiers and one consolation prize tier for this draw. That decides your winning chances. If you want to have a look up on "Odds of winnings of Akshaya, click here". There are some deductions such as Income tax and agency commission for some slab of prizes. These amounts will be reduced from your winning. You may be curious how much will be the deductions and hoe much will you get in final. Visit this page " The final amount to the winner" it will quench your anxiety. Prize Structures of Kerala lottos are revised time to time so don't forget to have a look on the current one. Please click here to view the complete prize structure and other details of Akshaya lottery.  The permanent draw venue is  "Sree Chitra Home Auditorium located at Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Trivandrum". 

We publish today Kerala lottery result in 2 formats one easy to view format and the next copy of official Kerala lottery result format.You can't completely depend on live Kerala lottery result, you are requested to verify it with the full Kerala lottery result or official Kerala lottery result.

The Directorate of State Lotteries which is located at Palayam Thiruvananthapuram conducts draws of many lotto since 1967 in the State of Kerala. the department was formed to rise funds to government projects, now lottery result revenue is one of the important source of income to the State government. These draws are conducted with high degree of transparency so that State lotteries are popular all over Kerala. There are 7 Weekly lotteries, 6 Bumper lotteries and 1 Bi-Weekly lottery conducted by Government of Kerala. All these draws are pre printed paper raffle lotto. 

As per a RTI news Kerala lottery result department has a hold of hundreds of crore rupees as unclaimed prize amount. So always take care to check your Kerala lottery result and make a claim in time. If there are two lottery draws of Kerala lotto on the same day, the first draw will be held at 2:30 PM and the live Kerala lottery result of the first draw will be available from 2:33 PM. Full and official Kerala lottery result of the first draw will be released by 3:30 PM. The second draw starts as soon as the first draw is over, the live Kerala lottery result of the second draw will start flowing from 3:33 PM and the Complete Kerala lottery result of the second draw will be released by 4:30 PM.

Today Live Result of Akshaya (AK-294) will be released from 3:30 PM on wards and the Official complete result will be available by 4:30 PM. Please re-check the winning numbers published here with Kerala Government Gazette and surrender your winning tickets at proper points for the claim of prize as explained in "
Prize Claim Procedure" with in 30 days of the draw.
Text Kerala lottery official result of Akshaya (AK-294) on 24 MAY 2017

Prize Structure of Weekly Lotteries







Prize Structure of Bumper Lotteries




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The Kerala Lottery draw today will start from 3:00 PM. The draw will be conducted at Sree Chitra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram today after noon. Live Kerala Lottery Results Today will start flowing from 3:33 PM today. The official Kerala lottery results today will be available by 4:00 PM today.