Today on the 5th day of the draw of fabulous Kerala Bumper Lottery "THIRUVONAM BUMPER" another person has came forward with a doubt that he or his family members has burnt the winning ticket accidentally.

Mr.Vishal from Kayamkulam district has traveled through Thrissur on August 19th to attend his friends marriage. After buying some fruits for his children, He has taken a Onam Bumper ticket from a near by Kerala lottery re-seller. He kept the ticket inside his mobile cover for safe keeping and forgot about it. yesterday the Kerala lottery seller Santhosh was shown in TV channels and Vishal recognized that he had bought the ticket from him.
Now he and his family members believe that the mobile cover has accidentally mixed with garbage in the house, while cleaning home for Onam festival and all the garbage are already day's passes without any winner coming forward Vishal fears that the ticket that they burnt accidentally may be the actual winning Vishal hopes that if there is any winner may come forward quickly for the can escape from his tension quickly. no one can sleep good if he thinks he had missed such an gifted opportunity for himself and his family. if another winner doesn't come forward with a claim this thought will hunt Vishal for a longtime sometimes life long.

as Kerala lotteries are pre-printed paper lotteries, there will be no any other records for the proof of ownership of any ticket. one who passes the winning ticket is the winner. that's why we had remained the players of Kerala lottery to follow the bases of rules. you may go through our earlier post "SOME IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS WHILE YOU PLAY KERALA LOTTERIES" in "Responsible Play & Precautions" section to know more about what you should do soon after buying a Kerala lottery. this years Thiruvonam bumper was drawn on 23rd September 2016 at Thiruvanathapurm. The first prize offered was Rs.8 crore for a single winner, and many other prizes which sum up to Rs. 39,59,00,000/-. You can view the detailed Prize Structure & Terms and Conditions of Kerala lottery Thiruvonam Bumper here.

The results were announced from 2.30 pm at the drawing spot itself. Many media channels are providing Kerala Lottery live results. we know "" also provide accurate live results from itself. mostly complete result numbers will be drawn by 3.30 PM and the full official results will be published in the official webpages of Kerala lottery department. The official results as well as easy to check mobile friendly results are released in our site also. At the same time you can verify Kerala lottery results in the main newspapers released in Kerala on the next day of the draw. the final deciding document of Kerala lottery results is the gazette released by the state govt of Kerala in time to time.

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Dated : 23-03-2018 | Nirmal (NR-61) Lottery
நிர்மல் (NR-61) லாட்டரி கணிப்பு போட்டிகள்
നിർമൽ (NR-61) ലോട്ടറി പ്രവചന മത്സരങ്ങൾ
Kerala lottery Guessing Competition Nirmal NR-61

 Nirmal (NR-61) | Dated : 23-03-2018
வெற்றி வாய்ப்பு எண்கள் | நிர்மல் (NR-61) லாட்டரி
വിജയ സാധ്യതാ നമ്പറുകൾ | നിർമൽ (NR-61)
Kerala lottery Prediction Nirmal NR-61
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