Kerala Lottery Result Today

Kerala Lottery Result Today
POURNAMI RN-318 Lottery Result on 17-12-2017


Below is the front view of Kerala Weekly Lottery "KARUNYA" and its Explanations.
1. Kerala Lottery Name : KARUNYA Lottery.
2. First Prize Amount of Karunya lottery : Rs.75 Lakh.
3. Draw Number  : KR-324.
4. Second Prize : Rs. 10 Lakhs (Rs. 10 Lakh X 1 tickets).
5. Third Prize 12 lakh (Rs. 1 Lakh X 12 tickets) 
6. MRP of a Karunya Lottery Ticket : Rs.30/-.
7. Other lower prizes of Rs.5000/-,Rs.2000/-, Rs.1000/-, Rs.500/- and Rs.100/-.  
9. Draw date and Time of Karunya lottery : 16.12.2017 : 3:00 PM.
10. Secret code of the Karunya lottery ticket.
11. Bar code of the Karunya lottery ticket.
12. Karunya lottery ticket Number.
13. Bar code of the Karunya lottery ticket number.
14. Security warning about keeping tickets safe with out any tampering.
15. Designation of official Kerala lottery department
16. Signature of the Director of Kerala State Lotteries. 
17. Karunya  lottery ticket number in counter foil cutting.
1. Kerala Government Seal behind the Karunya lottery ticket.
2. Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery "Karunya Lottery draw".
3. Terms and conditions of "Karunya lottery draw".
4. Space to write your name and address behind the Karunya lottery ticket .
5. Space to put your signature behind the Karunya lottery ticket.
6. Kerala State Government emblem behind the Karunya lottery ticket.
7. Kerala Lottery Agent's Seal behind the Karunya lottery ticket.

Terms & Conditions behind the Karunya lottery ticket 

1. You should affix your name and signature in the back side of the Karunya lottery ticket as soon as you buy the ticket.

2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are drawn from the sold tickets only. Number of remaining prizes of Karunya draw will depend up on the sale of the tickets. Rs. 10,000/- will be provided to 11 Karunya lottery tickets which match the same number of the first prize winning Karunya ticket but differ in series as Consolation Prize.

3. About the deductions in Karunya draw: 10% of the prize money of 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes prizes will be deducted from the amount of the winner of the Karunya lottery and provided to the Kerala Lottery Agent who sold the winning Karunya ticket. 10% of the prize money will be provided to the Kerala lottery agents who sold the winning Karunya tickets in the category of 4th to 8th prize from the government fund.   

4. The winners should present the winning Karunya tickets for the claim with in 30 days of the draw date. Claiming Procedure.
5. The prize winners of Karunya draw from other states should present the winning tickets of Karunya lottery to the directorate of Kerala lotteries. 

6. Altered or tampered Karunya lottery tickets will be denied from the prizes. Only the highest prize will be awarded to a Karunya lottery ticket for its number. Income tax and other taxes if any according to the law will be deducted from the prize money of Karunya lottery.

7. The legal jurisdiction of Karunya lottery will Thiruvananthapuram.