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Below is the front view of Kerala Weekly Lottery "AKSHAYA" and its Explanations.
1. Kerala Lottery Name :AKSHAYA.
2. First Prize Amount : Rs. 65 Lakh.
3. Draw number : AK-260.
4. Second Prize : Rs. 20 Lakhs (Rs. 2 Lakh X 10 Tickets).
5. MRP of the Ticket : Rs.30/-.
6. Other many different prizes of Rs.10,000/-, Rs.5000/-, Rs.1000/-, Rs.500/- and Rs.100/-.  
7. 5 Series AM, AO, AP, AS, AT, AU, AW, AX, AY, AZ.
8. Signature of the Director of Kerala State Lotteries. 
9. Secret code of the ticket.
10. Bar code of the ticket.
11. Ticket Number.
12. Bar code of the ticket number.
13. Draw date and Time : 10.10.2016 : 3:30 PM.
14. Security warning about keeping tickets safe with out any tampering.
15. Ticket number in counter foil cutting.
16. Kerala State Government Seal

1. Kerala Government Seal
2. Prize Structure of Kerala Weekly Lottery "Akshaya".
3. Terms and conditions of "Akshaya". **
4. Space to write your name and address.
5. Space to put your signature.
6. Kerala State Government emblem.
7. Kerala Lottery Agent's Seal.
Terms & Conditions behind the ticket 
1. You should affix your name and signature in the back side of the ticket as soon as the ticket is bought.

2. 1st and 2nd prizes are drawn from the sold tickets only. Number of remaining prizes will depend up on the sale of the tickets. Rs. 10,000/- will be provided to 4 tickets which match the same number of the First prize winning ticket but differ in series as Consolation Prize.

3. 10% of the prize money of 1st and 2nd prize and consolation prizes will be deducted from the amount of the winner and provided to the Kerala Lottery Agent who sold the winning ticket. 10% of the prize money will be provided to the Kerala lottery agents who sold the winning tickets in the category of 5th to 8th prize and 20% of 9th prize from the government fund.   

4. The winners should present the winning tickets for the claim with in 30 days of the draw date. 1st to 4th prize winners and consolation prize winners should present the winning tickets to the office of the Director of Kerala Lottery Department directly or through Nationalized / Scheduled banks or State / District Co- operative banks with proper documents. Self attested copy of the winning ticket with the name, address and signature of the winner duly filled, 2 passport size photos attested by a gazetted officer, self attested copies of Pan card and ID card with photo, a receipt affixed with Rs.1 revenue stamp which includes name, address and signature of the winner are the documents that should be presented with the winning ticket.  
5. The prize winners from other states should present the winning tickets to the directorate of Kerala lotteries. 

6. Altered or tampered tickets will be denied from the prizes. Only the highest prize will be awarded to a ticket for its number. Income tax and other taxes if any according to the law will be deducted from the prize money.

7. The legal jurisdiction of this lottery will Thiruvananthapuram. Only some important terms and conditions are stated above, visit / more information.

State Lottery Director
Phone : 0471-2305193 / 2305230
Fax : 0471-2301740 

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