After a wait of 2 weeks the winner of the first prize Rs.8 crore of Kerala Lottery "THIRUVONAM BUMPER-2016" has come forward. Kerala lottery department, which was formed in 1967 under Kerala state government conducts lotteries in Kerala since then. one last 23rd September 2016. It conducted its ever biggest bumper draw named "THIRUVONAM BUMPER - 2016" and released the result of the draw by 3:30 pm same day. The first prize of this lottery rs.8 crore was drawn to the No: TC-788368.
It turned out that the ticket was sold from "Trissur" district lottery office and was bought by a lottery agency named "Johnson and Johnson" from Kerala lottery departments records. Meanwhile Johnson and Johnson announced that a re-seller named Santhosh who sells Kerala lotteries near "Kuthiran Ayyappa Temple" located at national highways from Trissur to Palakkad.
Kerala lottery "Thiruvonam Bumper-2016" Jack pot Rs.8 Crore winner

There were many rumors about the winner in media and social networks. One man posted a photo of him with the winning lottery in whatsapp after 3 or 4 days. Which turned out to be a fake claim. After some days one Mr. Vishal from Kayamkulam came forward with a statement that he may have purchased the first prize winning ticket, Which has been accidentally burnt while cleaning the house. As now the actual winner came to light, it will be a great relief for Mr. Vishal also, that has not missed his life changing opportunity.

Now the winner Mr. Ganesh has came forward with thew claim and the fact is confirmed. The resides at Melarkode, Palakkad and works at a two-wheeler workshop at Trissur. Now at 30 years and unmarried he will have enough time to plan his fortune. He lives in a small house with his father, mother, brother and sisters. his father Gopalan, who was a agricultural laborer, now not working due to his illness. mother Devaki still works as an agricultural labor. Girija, Geetha are sisters both are married. Girirsh is his brother.
Ganesh works at "Lona two-wheeler workshp" at Cherp, Thrissur owned by a person named Davis. he took the winning ticket on the way to home for Onam vacation from
Thrissur to Palakkad. He bought 2 Kerala weekly lotteries from a re-seller near by Kuthiran Ayyappa temple. Same time another re-seller approached with a Thiruvonam Bumper. He cannot deny the seller and he bought that ticket also kept the ticket in his cupboard. After the Onam vacation he reached Thrissur for his work and couldn't reach home the next weekend due to workload. Mean while the rumors about the winner of Onam bumper has also reached him and he had an inner feeling of a winner.
As he reached home last Saturday, He checked the ticket and confirmed that he is the winner but did int convey it to anybody. Though the next day was Sunday, The manager of SBT, Nemmara branch reached Ganesh's house and collected the winning ticket. only after that this information was passed to the public. Ganesh is very realistic even after winning such a huge amount.  He want to settle the debits first then after the marriage he supposes to plan. something with his family.
Kerala bumper lottery Thiruvonam Bumper - 2016 was the biggest lottery ever drawn in the history of Kerala lotteries. the sale of this tickets statrted on 20 july 2016 and the draw was held on 23 September 2016. The draw was held at Sree Chitra home auditorium, Pazhavangaadi, Thiruvananthapuram by 2.30 pm. The results were announced publicly at the spot of the draw itself by 3.30 pm the result were officially announced and published in the official websites of Kerala lottery. live kerala lottery results are provided by as many other sites. full results and official results are published in the newspapers on the next day of the draw.

we, as a promotional website for Kerala lotteries, publish Kerala lottery results up to date. moreover we publish prize structures of all Kerala lotteries and other details and news. Now the mystery and anxiety behind the winner of the biggest lottery ere conducted in Kerala is over and once again lady luck has opened her eyes for an ordinary, humble, working person. all the best for Ganesh and his family for a safe and prosperous life.

Kerala lottery department was formed in 1967 to conduct paper lotteries in Kerala State. Now it conducts 7 weekly lottery draw results in a week, two draw results of a bi-weekly lottery in every month and 6 bumper lottery draw results in an year.

Kerala lottery results are first published in the official websites of Kerala lottery "" and "". Leading news papers in Kerala state also publish Kerala lottery results on the next day of the draw. Kerala State government gazette publishes Kerala lottery results which is the final authorized document of Kerala lottery result verification. Winners of Kerala lotteries are requested to verify their results in the gazette before submitting the ticket for claim. Click here to go to Kerala Government gazette Page. Since Kerala lottery live results are released from the drawing spot, the result numbers will not be in ascending order. There is a chance of some errors in live results due to communication mistakes. Kerala lottery live results are meant for informational and curiosity purpose only. You have to verify published in our site before destroying the tickets.

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