Kerala Lottery Prize Claim Receipt for the Prize Money.

Below is the form of Revenue Stamped Receipt to be submitted along with the Prize Claim Application. This receipt decleres that you have received the prize money from Kerala lottery department.
This form is in JPEG format. Tap on the picture and save picture in your mobile and take a print out. If you are using a desktop computer, right click the image and use "save the image as.....". 
After saving print the image in a A4 sheet.
Kerala Lottery Prize Claim Receipt Form Below.
You have to fill the above form duly and affix a revenue stamp worth Rs.1. While affixing your signature take care to put your sign as it overlaps the revenue stamp. If you are making your Kerala lottery prize claim through a bank then submit this form to your bank, they will forawd the application to the Kerala lottery Director.
 Kerala lottery department under taxes ministry release 7 weekly lottery results in a week, two draws of a bi-weekly lottery in every month and 6 bumper lotteries in an year.

Kerala lotteries are drawn on everyday by 2.30 PM at Sree Chitra auditorium, Pazhavangadi east fort, Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala lottery results are announced live as the draw progresses. We publish this result numbers as soon as these are announced in the drawing spot. Kerala lottery results are Officially published by 3.30 PM normally. If there are 2 draws in case the first draw's "LIVE RESULTS" will be available from 2.30 PM and official results by 3.30 PM " LIVE RESULTS" of the second draw will be available in our site "" from 3.30 PM and the Final Results and the Official Results by 4.30 PM.

Kerala lottery results are also published in the official websites of Kerala lottery department and you can verify Kerala lottery results in main newspapers released on next day in Kerala. The final and authorized source of Kerala lottery results is the "government gazette" published by state government of Kerala. winner's of Kerala lotteries are requested to verify their results in the gazette before submitting the ticket for claim. Click here to visit Kerala Government Gazette Page. We are publishing Kerala lottery results with utmost care, so there is no chance of errors in the result numbers published . Kerala lottery "live results are released from the drawing spot, so the result numbers will not be in ascending order. there may be some mistakes in live results due to communication errors. Kerala lottery live results are meant for informational and curiosity purpose only. you have to verify published in our site before destroying the tickets.

Though Kerala lottery results are published very carefully in our website, we are not responsible for any misinformation on Kerala lottery results or Kerala lottery details. Kerala lottery department will be the final authority to decide on such confessions. We are not related to Kerala lottery department or any Kerala lottery agencies.

Prize Structures of Kerala Lottery Draws

Prize Structure of Weekly Lotteries







Prize Structure of Bumper Lotteries