Kerala Lottery KARUNYA-PLUS (KN-131) Winner

                     Once again Kerala Lottery makes a common working man a millionaire overnight.Kerala Lottery players feel some comfort when they come to know some ordinary man or woman wins a huge prize , though they have not been graced with one.

                      Last Karunya plus , a Kerala weekly lottery which is drawn on every thursday, was post-poned to next day due to a state wise harthal announced in Kerala. Kerala Lottery Karunya plus (KN-131) which was to be drawn o 13/10/2016 was past -poned  to next day 14/10/2016 ,Friday , along with that days Kerala Lottery "Bhagyanidhi" (BN-259) . The first draw was for Bhagyanidhi lottery and second result of Kerala Lottery "Karunya Plus" was published . We have released that result by 3.33 P.M as live and official result was published by 4.30 P.M

                           As all of those who are interested in kerala Lottery know that the first prize of Rs1 crore was awarded to a ticket sold in Kannur district.Now it is reported that the winner is Satheesan who sells tender coconuts opposite to the east entrance of Kannur railway station. He is selling tender coconut for last 27 years. He hail from Kakkad, Kanjipalli, Now residing in wife's house. His wife Rema is a house wife and sons "Jishnu and Vishnu" are studying in schools.

                           Satheesan sells Lotteries along with tender coconuts as a tender bussiness,which is a common sight in Kerala. Many petty-shops and small business people sell as Kerala Lottery as a side business.He regularly buys Kerala Lottery tickets from "Thiruvangadi Lottery Agency" for sale. 11 tickets of Karunya Plus Lottery tickets have left with him unsold.One those ticket brought him the great fortune which may change his entire life. The first prize was awarded to the Kerala Karunya Plus Lottery ticket with number PO-287584. You can view the Kerala Lottery result of that day by clicking here.
                       He has handed over the winning ticket to the nearest District Co-operative bank to proceed with the claim process. A winner can claim his top winnings of the Kerala Lotteries by surrendering the winning ticket directly to the Kerala Lottery department or through a bank. You may know more about clamming a Kerala Lottery prize by clicking here.

                          Kerala Lottery department was  formed in 1967 to conduct paper lotteries in Kerala . Since then a lot of Lotteries were organised and conducted by Kerala Lottery department. As the draws and results through public caution and are done very transparently and trust worthy, Kerala Lotteries has become very popular in Kerala . The prize structures of Kerala Lotteries are very attractive and the condition that the upper prizes are drawn to sold tickets only makes Kerala Lotteries most impressive , That means there will be a winner always in every draw.

                           Kerala Lotteries are normally drawn by 2.30 P.M at Sree Chitra Auditorium ,Pazavangadi,East Fort Road , Thiruvanthapurum. The draws are conducted in public and before many  social dignitaries. the result are announced publicly as the draw as progress.Common people can also participate in the draw to choose the result numbers . The top prize result number are drawn by invited dignitaries and then people draw the remaining result number.

                                  Now Kerala Lottery department conducts 7 weekly Lotteries in a week, 2 draws of bi-weekly Lottery in a year. Please click here to view all the details of Kerala lotteries conducted presently.Kerala lottery result are published online everyday. Live results of Kerala Lotteries are available by 2.33 P.M every day in many websites as well as ours. We publish all information about Kerala Lotteries like prize structures , prize claim procedures, official result pages. We have a great collection of stories on Kerala Lottery winners. Kerala Lottery Agents and re-seller details are published. Kerala Lottery result are published in such an arrangement that it is very easy to check last 4 digit results. 
We publish all Kerala lottery results as well as other results about Kerala lotteries.
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