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Who conducts Kerala State Lottery Draws?

A Directorate formed under the Ministry of Taxes of Kerala State Government conducts the Kerala Lotteries. The workers of this department are government employees. The Kerala Lottery Department is headed by a Director who will normally be an IAS or IPS officer. There is an an Additional Director and a  Joint Director. The  Directorate has 3 Deputy Directors and four District lottery officers (who serve in Head Quarters)  in Administrative position. There are 14 District Lottery Officers who govern each District Lottery offices separately, which are located in each and every district of Kerala. With more than 500 employees the department is a smoothly functioning system.
If you are arsing this question to confirm about the trust worthiness of Kerala Lotteries and it's draw procedure or result publishing methods, it can be assured that Kerala lotteries are 100% transparent and very much dependable. we are following Kerala Lotteries for years now, Never heard about duplicate tickets, adjustments in drawing numbers etc. As directly conducted by government there is no use of creating any extra profits through manipulations. More than this, a major portion of the profits of some lotteries are used for helping poor. so if you buy a Kerala lottery ticket. It will bring you a huge lucky amount to you or don't worry some portion your amount is helping poor people. 

But always play lottery in your limit. Kerala lotteries do not promote big gambling. If you play in your limits you will be always happy and some times you may hit a bumper luck too......

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Kerala Lottery Results of Weekly Lotteries in a glance

Sunday : Kerala lottery result of "Pournami Lottery"
Monday : Kerala lottery result of "Win Win Lottery"
Tuesday : Kerala lottery result of "Sthree Sakthi Lottery"
Wednesday : Kerala lottery result of "Akshaya Lottery"
Thursday : Kerala lottery result of "Karunya Plus Lottery"
Friday : Kerala lottery result of "Bhagyanidhi Lottery"

Saturday : Kerala lottery result of "Karunya Lottery"

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