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Why there is no prize for last single digit?

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Q: I have seen many lotteries giving prizes to last selected single digit. why does Kerala lotteries              draws 4 digits even for the last prize ?

Before some years Kerala lotteries were also used to give prizes for the last 3, 2, or 1 digits. Usually last prize was given to last single digit. the number drawn for the last prize will be a single digit from 0 to 9. There will be only one number for this last prize. That means there is an assured prize for 10 continuous tickets having end number 0 to 9.
Naturally this created a gambling flew in Kerala lottery players. Many started to buy heavily numbers of tickets having same last digits. They were aiming only in the last prize. looking only for 10 : 1chance! you just buy 100 tickets ending with '9' and if the last prize is awarded to 9 then you get 100 * last prize as a winning. Kerala lottery department and Kerala state government understood the growth of this type of heavy, irresponsible indulgences in lotteries and last prizes were drawn to '2' digits, '3' digits , then now for 4 digits. Sure, this makes lotteries less attractive, but more reasonable. Now there is no sure prizes will be assured in thousands of continues tickets. You can assure sure prizes only in 10 thousand continues tickets.

By this prize structure change Kerala lottery department was able to prevent irresponsible gambling to a greater extend which protect people from losing money heavily in lotteries. Kerala lotteries had undergone many changes still it started in 1967.

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