How to understand Kerala lottery results ?

Understanding Kerala lottery results is very easy if you have accustomed to it and somewhat confusing if a person is looking at it first.

A Kerala lottery result sheet contains some alphabets and a lot of numbers. In the case of weekly ticket results first 2 or 3 tier of prizes will be along with number and alphabets.
If a prize is drawn to a 6 digit number with two alphabets that means that prize is awarded to that single ticket.


Then there will be single number with 5 digits in Kerala lottery result. Through there is only one number there may be many prize winning tickets in the category depending up on the number of series of that draw.

Now let us have a look at the lower tier of prizes of a Kerala lottery result. Here you see a lot of 4 digits numbers below every category of prize. Here also the total number of drawn numbers in the result doest gives the 5 total number of prize winning tickets. There may be a lot of tickets depending up on the numbers of series, to all numbers of tickets printed in a series, and total number of tickets sold for that draw.

All the Kerala lottery tickets of that particular draw will be awarded that particular draw will be awarded that particular prize irrespective of the series. For example if you see,
6th prize rs.1000/-
0166 0996
2130 2605 2837
3065 3769 etc......
This means all the numbers are ending in the tickets of that particular draw which are to be awarded with Rs.1000/-. All the series tickets get rs.1000/-.


In earlier days you see the last prize of some draws were awarded to last 1 digits. Since that lead to unlimited irresponsible gambling, Kerala state government  changed the winning numbers to last 2 digits then to 3 digits now to last 4 digits.

Kerala lottery live results are published from 2:30pm onwards in our site every day. Live result means only information about the drawn numbers by phone or sms. There is no conformation about  these numbers. Though we try our best to give you the correct numbers. You are requested to verify the official Kerala and result published by 3:30pm.
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Dated : 23-03-2018 | Nirmal (NR-61) Lottery
நிர்மல் (NR-61) லாட்டரி கணிப்பு போட்டிகள்
നിർമൽ (NR-61) ലോട്ടറി പ്രവചന മത്സരങ്ങൾ
Kerala lottery Guessing Competition Nirmal NR-61

 Nirmal (NR-61) | Dated : 23-03-2018
வெற்றி வாய்ப்பு எண்கள் | நிர்மல் (NR-61) லாட்டரி
വിജയ സാധ്യതാ നമ്പറുകൾ | നിർമൽ (NR-61)
Kerala lottery Prediction Nirmal NR-61
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