Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to claim winning prizes of Kerala Lottery KARUNYA PLUS?

Posted by Shreyas Associates
We all are aware that the Kerala lottery tickets have been a big influence in our society. the Kerala lottery tickets are sold out by lakhs in numbers. the Karunya plus is one of the most highest selling tickets provided by kerala lottery. Kerala lottery infact planned to sell about 35 lakh tickets. Karunya plus is a Thursday based weekly ticket provided by the Kerala lottery. the Kerala lottery maintain to give a huge prize amount for all the weekly tickets. the first prize of the Karunya plus ticket is 1 crore. if u are lucky enough and also a new buyer u must know the prize claiming process. you must have to make sure u r not cheated  by anyone. the prize claiming process of Kerala lottery is very simple only thing need is your time. you have to be patient in order to some rules and regulations.
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