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The 50th bumper draw of Kerala lottery "Monsoon Bumper-2016" will be conducted on 20th July 2016; Wednesday at SREE CHITHRA HOME AUDITORIUM, PAZHAVANGADI, EAST FORT, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM by 2:30 PM. The result of this bumper lottery will be announced by 3:30 PM on the same day in websites. We "www.keralalotteries.info" will be publishing the result of Monsoon Bumper-2016 as early as possible. 

A bumper lottery is conducted by Kerala Lottery Department under the Ministry of Taxes of Kerala State Government in every alternate month. Thus there will be 6 Kerala Bumper Lotteries in an year. As conducted directly by government and managed efficiently by government officials under an IAS/IPS senior officer as director, Kerala lotteries are conducted most transparently. Major part of the profits of  many Kerala lotteries are used for philanthropic purposes by the government of Kerala. All these factors accounts for the popularity of Kerala lotteries. More over the upper tier prizes are drawn only to sold tickets so that higher prizes are always disbursed among the public. Draws of Kerala Lotteries are conducted very much transparently in front of the Public and other Public Dignitaries such as MLAs or elected Local Self Governed Bodies.

It is very important to understand a lottery before you participate in it. The main factor is the Prize Structure of a lottery. You can view a detailed Prize Structure and Terms & Conditions of Kerala Bumper Lottery "Monsoon Bumper-2016" through the following link.
Next Bumper Lottery : Monsoon Bumper-2016 Prize Structure  
You will also be interested to know about the odds of winning of next Kerala Bumper Lottery "Monsoon bumper-2016". As you know it gives you an approximate chance to win a prize when you buy a ticket. As Kerala lotteries are pre printed paper lotteries the odds of winning depends on total numbers of tickets printed and sold. We have given you an assessment in the view that the maximum tickets are printed and sold. In upper tier prizes if all the tickets are not sold, naturally the winning chance increases since the higher prizes are drawn only from the sold numbers. 

Below you can find the Table of Odds of Winnings of "Monsoon Bumper-2016"        

1. First prize Rs.3 Crore for 1 ticket common to all series, the chance of winning the first prize of Monsoon Bumper-2016 when you buy one ticket is 1:45,00,000.

2. There is 5 chances of winning the second prize of Rs.10 Lakh all tougher providing an odd of 1:10,80,000.

3. The third prize Rs.3 Lakh is provided to 5 tickets the odds of winning of this prize is 1:10,80,000.
4. The chance of winning the 4th prize Rs. 1 lakh when testing your luck with one ticket is 1:1,20,000.

5. The odds of winning the 5th prize Rs. 10,000/- will be 1:3000.

6. You have a chance of 1:666.66 to win the 6th prize of Kerala lottery Monsoon Bumper-2016 Rs.500.

7. Rs.1,000/- is provided as the 7th prize of Monsoon Bumper-2016 and the odds of winning is 1:400.

8. 8th prize Rs.500/- will have a chance of winning among 266.66 tickets.

9. 1 in 200 tickets has a chance of winning Rs.200/- as the 9th prize of Kerala lottery "Monsoon bumper-2016".

10. There are 5 consolation prizes of Rs.1 Lakh. The odds of winning a consolation prize is 1:10,80,000.

11. The over all chance of winning any one prize of Kerala Lottery "Monsoon Bumper-2016" (BR-50)is 1:63.64.

* These calculations are made in the assumption that all the 45 lakh tickets of  Kerala lottery "Monsoon Bumper-2016 (Br-50" will be sold.

* The first 3 prizes are drawn in full coming under the assured portion of prizes ie, they will be drawn only from the sold tickets.

* 4th to 9th the prizes will be under variable portion depending up on the sale of tickets ie, though the digits are drawn as many times declared in the prize structure, the number of prizes disbursed will depend on the sale of tickets. These prizes may fall to unsold tickets also.
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