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Without a piece of land or an own house nabeesa beevi was struggling to sustain her life with her mother and sister.Her father was a Rubber-tapping worker,after his demise she had to takeover his work to support her family.Her sister Laila was also working in a bakery.Though,living in one of their relatives'shouse,she never left her affinity towards Kerala Lottery.At 37,now the ladyluck has opened her eyes towards that to in a gracious manner.She had decided to help Nabisa with the highest prize of latest Kerala weekly lottery "STHREE SAKTHI".STHREE SAKTHI means empowerment of women ,now it has empowered the life of three women.

Kerala lottery "STHREE SAKTHI" comes in a block of 20 tickets.She decided to purchase 2 books and half of a book. a miraculous leaf of lottery was lying hidden yo change the way of her life.

Nabisa used to take Kerala lotteries regularly.She was often gifted with prizes also.Rs.5000 was the ever highest prize she had won from Kerala lottery before last sthree sakthi draw she had won Rs.1000.She decide to invest all the prize money along with apart of her labour from tapping to purchase 50 tickets of Kerala lottery "STREE SAKTHI" this week.
This was the frst time she had bought a lot of 50 tickets in the same draw.Her favourite Kerala lottery agency (Bhagavathi lottery )allowed her a delivery chalan for these tickets as well as a discounted rate which is usually given to kerala lottery resellers.
As she posses the first prize of the winning ticket she will be gifted with another 8lakh rupees as the seller commision.Nabisa beevi daughter of late Dawood basha who now lives in S.N.manzil,chenkikkunnu,kilimanoor,Attingal,Thiruvananthapuram now has dreams for a land wit own house,her sister's marriage and an own business,she had submitted the prize winning ticket in SBT Kilimanoor branch to claim the winning.
STHREE SAKTHI is the latest kerala weekly lottery intoduced by Kerala weekly lottery department.replacing the older Kerala lottery Dhanasree and increasing the frst prize to 1 crore keral government has decided to use a major portion of profit of this lottery to the Women empowerment .Having an MRP of just 50 rupees it offers a frst prize of 1 crore ,the second prize 5 lakh(5 no.s),third prize 1 lakh(10 no.s) along with many other prizes down to Rs.100.
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