Some important precautions while you play Kerala lotteries

Always follow the Basics 

Replaying to a RTI petition Kerala lottery authorities recently declared that the are hundreds of crore rupees of winning goes unclaimed, though I don't remember the exact amount I think it is between 200 to 300 crores. Most of them will be the situation that the buyer of the winning Kerala lottery just forgets to check the result and he doesn't even knows that he is a winner. Kerala lottery agents always check the prizes won by the tickets sold by them or kept as unsold with them because they have to claim their agency commission. They also deliver DCs to re sellers while purchasing Kerala lottery tickets from them. So they can find out the winnings in the sale of a re seller also. Kerala lottery re sellers normally don't keep any records of their sale, it is not necessary too. If a huge prize is won in their sale sure they will try their best to find and inform the buyer and the whole area is roared with the news. But in the case of lower prizes though they give an intimation to their regular buyers when they see them. None of these happen when you buy a Kerala lottery ticket from an unfamiliar place while travelling or so. Many players yield themselves to do so with a hope that a new person may bring them a lucky break. Many people buy Kerala lottery tickets while they are in a pilgrimage hoping that the divine spirit of the god they believe will help them to lead a better life. You can also see many lottery shops near medical colleges and major hospitals this proves that a lot of people indulge in lotteries when they or their beloved ones are in sufferings and illness hoping to find some money to get some better treatment. In these situations you can't be warned by a Kerala lottery agent or re seller about the luck you have unknowingly achieved.

Think about a situation how it feels while you are leaving behind a luck which came to you because of your ignorance. It will be the most heart breaking though you know that you have won a considerable prize but you can't claim it because you forgot that where you have kept the winning ticket or the ticket is tampered so that deceived from your luck. Too few people can rise from such a situation.No one would like to go through such a situation. Let's go through some basic habits a lottery player should have in mind.

Keep your lottery tickets safe: Since Kerala lotteries are printed raffle type lotteries, be warned that the lottery ticket you bought itself is the primary evidence that you have won a prize. As far as Kerala lotteries are concerned there are no other proof that you have bought the winning ticket other than the state that you hold the ticket with you. Kerala lottery agents or re sellers don't keep any record to whom they are selling Kerala lotteries. Yes there are receipts from Kerala lottery offices and DC from Kerala lottery agents to re sellers, but that only help them to claim the Kerala lottery agency commission for them on winning tickets. So always keep your tickets safe from wetting in sweat or any other tampering. Kerala lottery tickets have many safety markings in them to check the originality of the tickets. Kerala lottery can approve your prize claim only your ticket passes through these verification. Your claim will not be allowed if your winning ticket fails to pass these tests by means of any physical damage though the lottery official personally knew that you have a genuine ticket. So the ticket means a lot in Kerala lottery claims.

Affix your Name, Address & Signature: You should affix your name,address and signature in the place provided in the space behind every Kerala lottery ticket. Write these details clearly and with non erasable ink. This gives you a security that other people can't claim your prizes with out you. Though anybody gets your winning Kerala lottery ticket accidentally, he can't make a claim on that. There is a chance that he may return the ticket to you for a reward or something because he has no use with that ticket.

Check your results with care fully in time: Many of Kerala lottery players forget or neglect to check their Kerala lottery results in time or care fully. You can't make a claim in your winning Kerala lottery after 30 days from the draw. It will be a one or two or more days engagement to make a claim if you have won a considerable prize. Preparing claim documents and proofs may take time. So it will be better to check your Kerala lottery results on the draw date itself or with in one or two days. Always confirm two or three times while you are checking your Kerala lotteries. Checking your Kerala lottery result hastily with a pre assumption that "Oh..I am not lucky enough to win a prize in a lottery may cause a lose to you. Luck may come to you any time.

Keep your Non-winning tickets at least for 2 or 3 Weeks: Many people crumble and throw away the Kerala lottery tickets with disappointment as soon as the come to know that there is no prize for their tickets. Normally you can't find a clerical mistake in the result of Kerala lottery publication. I earlier times I have seen some corrections in the result of Kerala lottery after 2 or 3 days after the draws in news papers. Now a days there are no such news been heard. Any way it will be a better habit to keep your result checked tickets for 30 day of period from the draw date. If we come across any correction news we will publish it in our site with most importance. 

We will come up with more on responsible play of lotteries and precautions from time to time. Don't forget to follow our site if you are a Kerala lottery player.

Thank you very mach! All the best for the draws!


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