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Kerala lottery _Vishu Bumper-2016_Understanding the ticket

You may know that the 49th Kerala Lottery Bumper "Vishu Bumper-2016" Draw will be held at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East  Fort, Thiruvananthapuram on 18th of May 2016. Kerala Lottery Department under the Ministry of Taxes of Kerala State Government conducts 6 Bumper lottery draws in an year. The details of  all Kerala lottery bumpers can be obtained by clicking here. The 3rd Kerala lottery bumper of 2016 "Vishu Bumper-2016" is now on sale. We have already written 2 pages for you about the Vishu Bumper-2016. You can find the links of those pages below.

Now we intend to give you some notes and details so that you can understand Kerala lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016" better. We will explain what are the details printed in the tickets of Vishu Bumper-2016 and what does those hinds mean with the help of pictures of Kerala lottery "Vishu bumper-2016. We had used both sides of the ticket to explain it. Please note that we edited the image of the ticket to help us to explain it and for the security purpose also. 

We present the front view of the Kerala lottery "Vishu bumper-2016 and the explanations below .

You can see that we had marked 16 points in the tickets which are the most important points that should be taken care in a ticket of Kerala lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016". Now we give some short descriptions on those points.

1. Security Warning:- Which States "This ticket contains various securities features to check its genuineness. Damage to any portion of the ticket will invalidate the claim. So take extra care.   

2. Title of the Draw:- "Vishu Bumper-2016"  

3. Number of The Draw:- BR-49. The Vishu Bumper-2016 is the 49th draw of Kerala bumper lotteries.

4. First Prize:- Rs. 4 Crore for a ticket common to all 6 Series. Liable to the deductions of 10% of the prize money as Kerala lottery agency commission and 30% of Income tax. The expected lump sum amount to the winner will be Rs.2.52 Crore.

5. Counter foil cut:- A security measure. Counterfoils of the tickets are cut in such a way that the number is split into to 2 parts and the counterfoils are kept in the lottery offices. The back ground is micro printed which helps to assure the genuineness of the ticket.

6. Second prize:- Total 60 Lakh rupees one in each series with a prize of 10 Lakh. Liable to the deductions as the 1st prize.

7. Fourth Prize:- 1 Lakh each for last 5 digits. Deductions are imposed on the winning amount.

8. MRP of a Ticket:- Maximum retail prize of a Vishu bumper ticket will be Rs.100/- only.

9. Third Prize:- Rs. 3 Lakh for 6 tickets one in each series. again the Kerala lottery agency commission and the Income tax will be deducted from the winning amount.
10. Series:- Name of the series in which Kerala Bumper lottery "Vishu bumper-2016 is released. VB, IB, SB, HB, UB & KB. In each series the second letter B is common represents "Bumper" will not be drawn. The first letters V, I, S, H, U & K are drawn to decided the first three prizes. The first five letters denotes the "Vishu" itself and the 6th K may be for Kerala.

11. Date and time of the Draw:- will be at 2:30 PM on 18th May 2016, Wednesday. Pleases not that the draw of Kerala Weekly Lottery "Akshaya" will be conducted soon after the draw of Vishu Bumper is over.

12. Secret Code in letters:- Helps to check the genuineness of the ticket.    

13. Secret Code in Bar code:- Helps to check the genuineness of the ticket.    

14. Signature:- Printed signature of the Director, Kerala State Lotteries.

15. Ticket Number:- Series & Number of your Kerala lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016" ticket which is to be drawn.   

16. Ticket Number bar Code:- The bar code that represents the series and the number of the ticket.

Now the rear view of the Kerala Lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016" and the details printed on it.

We have marked the 7 important points that should be noted in the rear part of the ticket. Now we shall have some notes on them.

1. Printed Seal:- Printed seal of Kerala State lotteries. Another security measure.

2. Caution:- The Caution for the safe keeping of the ticket which says "Tampering with this edge and the seal (No.1) may entail for forfeiture of claim for prize." Always bear in mind that it's very important to keep your tickets with out any damages regarding the raffle draws printed tickets like Kerala State lotteries.

3. Prize Structure:- Prize Structure of Kerala lottery "Vishu bumper-2016" released on 28.01.2016.

4. Terms & Conditions:- Important terms and conditions of Vishu bumper-2016 in Malayalam. we have given an English translation as good as we can. 

 (a) You have to write down your Name, Address & Signature in the space given in the rear side of the ticket as soon as you have bought the ticket.

 (b) The 1st to 3rd prizes are drawn in full coming under the assured portion of prizes. The remaining prizes will be under variable portion depending upon the sale of tickets. 5 tickets which match the First Prize winning number but differ in series are awarded with a consolation prize of Rs.1,00,000/- each.
 (c) 10% of the winning amount is deducted from the 1st to 4th prizes and the consolation prizes to award to the Kerala lottery agents who sold the winning tickets. 10% of the winning amount of 4th to 8th prizes and 20% of the winning amount of the 9th prize is awarded to the Kerala lottery agent who sold the winning tickets from the Government fund.

 (d) Winners must forward a claim with in 30 days of the date of the draw. The winners of 1st to 3rd prizes may present the winning ticket directly, through Nationalized/ Scheduled Banks or State/ District Co-Operative Banks with required documents to The Directorate of Kerala Lotteries. The winning lottery duly filled with the name, address and signature of the winner and a self attested copy of the same, 2 passport size photos duly attested by a gazetted officer, Self attested copy of Pan Card, Copy of any approved ID proof with photo, A receipt affixed with Rs. 1 Revenue Stamp and duely filled with Winner's Name and address are to be submitted along with the Claim.

 (e) The Winners from the Other States have to submit the claim to The Directorate of Kerala State lotteries.    

 (f) No prizes will be awarded to the manipulated or tampered tickets. A ticket can only be claimed for the highest prize for it's number. Winning Amounts are liable to the current applicable Income Tax and related taxes if any.

 (g) Legal Jurisdiction of this Kerala Lottery will be Thiruvananthapuram. The above terms & conditions are not complete, for more details visit,

5. Kerala Lottery Agency Seal:- A rubber stamp seal will be affixed in the rear side of the Kerala lottery "Vishu bumper-2016" to recognize the Kerala lottery agent who sold the ticket.

6. Emblem:-  Kerala State Government Emblem is printed in the rear side of the ticket.

7. Buyer Details: This is the place the Kerala lottery particepent is supposed to affix his/her name, address along with signature as soon as he/she has bought the ticket. Take care to write your details with in erasable ink. 
All the best for the participants of Kerala Lottery "Vishu bumper-2016" draw to win fabulous prizes. One who had not taken a ticket do not forget to try your luck within 18th of May 2016. Please be responsible while you participate in lotteries. 

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