Odds of Winning of Kerala Lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016 (BR-49)"

It is very important to know the chance of winning a lottery before participating in it. Many people indulge in lottery just in the concern of the amount offered as first prize. we do not advise that. You should have a look at all features of a lottery before playing that.

As far as transparency and trust worthiness is concerned Kerala State Lotteries are very much dependable. Run directly by the government department, Kerala lotteries do not promote immoral gambling or trying to make unlawful profits.The Kerala lottery department is also covered under RTI act of 2002. All details and Prize Structures of all lotteries conducted by Govt. of Kerala are available.

One of the 6 bumper lotteries conducted by Kerala lottery department "Vishu Bumper-2016 (BR-49)" is on sale now. This lottery is to be drawn on 18th of May,2016. We here present some important features and chances of winning of Kerala lottery "Vishu bumper-2016".

* Date of Draw: 18/03/2016; Wednesday.
* MRP of a ticket: Rs.100/-.
* Total number of tickets: 54 Lakh.
* Number of Series: 6.
Now we may have a look on the odds of winning of all prizes of Kerala lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016"

1. First prize Rs.4 Crore for 1 ticket common to all series, the chance of winning the first prize of Vishu Bumper-2016 when you buy one ticket is 1:54,00,000.

2. There is 6 chances of winning the second prize of Rs.10 Lakh all tougher providing an odd of 1:9,00,000.

3. The third prize Rs.3 Lakh is provided to 6 tickets the odds of winning of this prize is 1:9,00,000.
4. The chance of winning the 4th prize Rs. 1 lakh when testing your luck with one ticket is 1:1,00,000.

5. The odds of winning the 5th prize Rs. 10,000/- will be 1:3333.33.

6. You have a chance of 1:500 to win the 6th prize of Kerala lottery Vishu Bumper-2016 Rs.500.

7. Rs.1,000/- is provided as the 7th prize of Vishu Bumper-2016 and the odds of winning is 1:250.

8. 8th prize Rs.500/- will have a chance of winning among 250 tickets.

9. 1 in 200 tickets has a chance of winning Rs.200/- as the 9th prize of Kerala lottery "Vishu bumper-2016".

10. There are 5 consolation prizes of Rs.1 Lakh. The odds of winning a consolation prize is 1:10,80,000.

11. The over all chance of winning any one prize of Kerala Lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016" (BR-49)is 1:65.30.

* These calculations are made in the assumption that all the 54 lakh tickets of  Kerala lottery "Vishu Bumper-2016 (Br-49" will be sold.

* The first 3 prizes are drawn in full coming under the assured portion of prizes ie, they will be drawn only from the sold tickets.

* 4th to 9th the prizes will be under variable portion depending up on the sale of tickets ie, though the digits are drawn as many times declared in the prize structure, the number of prizes disbursed will depend on the sale of tickets. These prizes may fall to unsold tickets also.


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