First Prize Winner of Bhagyanidhi (BN-214) drawn on 27.11.2016

Chitilancheri (Palakkad): Vinod was facing a dangerous phase in his financial condition. He tried to settle his financial burdens by running a Hotel which failed. Again he tried with a vegetable shop but the result was same. At last he started a Kerala lottery shop to make a living. With a burden of approximately 13 Lakh rupees he was struggling to make out. It was a hard fight as he was specially able for 50%. 

At last the lady luck turned her view to him on last Friday. As the Kerala Lottery Result of Bhagyanidhi on 27 Nov 2015 was published, the first prize winning number turned out to be BG 969801. It was among one of the Kerala lottery tickets which remained unsold with Vinod.
Actually he had started the sale of Kerala Lotteries just before one week at Pallikad, his village. He was facing a bank recovery on his house while he hit with the marvelous moment of his life. By winning the first prize of Kerala Lottery "Bhagyanidhi" a 65 Lakh rupees he will be getting a lump sum of Rs. 40,95,000/- after Kerala Lottery Agents commission and TDS on Income Tax. Since he himself is the seller he will be getting 10% of the prize money, if he had billed the ticket on his name. The Kerala lottery agent's commission will be Rs.4,55,000/- after the Taxes. Normally 30% of the prize money is deducted from the winning amount in India. 

Any way Mr. R.Vinod is expecting to settle all his debts first. "Then I will start a stable business to run my family" Vinod says. His family includes his wife Prabha and his two daughters Sona and Sneha. May he be blessed with great times in his life.           

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