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Changes in Kerala Lotteries  from 1st June 2017 on wards

The Kerala state government is intending to make some major changes in the cost and the prize structures of many lotteries conducted by department of lotteries, Kerala State.

Now the best news for the players is the prize pool percentage has been increased by 10%. Now the prize structure has been planed in such a way that 40% of total revenue.....KEEP READING

Kerala Lottery Results : 07.02.2016 POURNAMI (RN-223)

Check below the Kerala lottery result (Completed) of Pournami (RN-223) published on 07/02/2016. Live winning numbers are published here from 3:30 PM and the complete result will be released by 4:30 PM. You may confirm your winning numbers with the official result published in the next page. 

Kerala Lottery Result
(Complete Result)
07 February 2016 (Sunday)

1st Prize- Rs :65,00,000/- (65 Lakh)
RK 617363  (THRISSUR)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

RJ 617363    RL 617363 
RM 617363  RO 617363 
RP 617363    RR 617363 

2nd Prize- Rs :1,00,000/- (1 Lakh)

RJ 141731  (KANNUR) 
RJ 370841  (MALAPPURAM) 
RK 275491  (ALAPPUZHA) 
RK 978749  (THRISSUR) 
RL 366630  (PALAKKAD) 
RL 971728  (PALAKKAD) 
RM 484599  (KOTTAYAM) 
RM 700983  (KOTTAYAM) 
RO 584273  (ERNAKULAM) 
RO 830750  (KOTTAYAM) 
RP 479349  (KOTTAYAM) 
RP 896190  (KOLLAM) 
RR 677800  (ERNAKULAM)


3rd Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 

4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
3047 3074 3106 3597 
6166 6890 
9027 9097 

5th Prize- Rs. 2,000/- 
0504 0561 
1115 1140 
8481 8542

6th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 
2302 2704 2909 
3382 3684 3742 3840 3910 
4735 4799 
5201 5212 5334 5967 
7144 7312 7445 
8330 8555 8841 
9210 9801 9823 9932 

7th Prize- Rupees. 500/- 
0168 0231 0581 0897 
1330 1763 1971 
2304 2438 2554 2594 2777 
3458 3747 
5132 5715 
6075 6598 6622 6776 6798 
7118 7208 7695 7822 7904 
8112 8543 8780 

8th Prize- Rupees 100/- 
0257 0326 0362 0819 
1104 1135 1206 1252 1299 1354 1471 1474 
2280 2284 2419 2564 2674 2703 2728 2866 2895 2969 2975 
3042 3401 3502 3514 3593 3778 
4380 4691 
5088 5542 5604 5714 
6482 6570 6629 6968 
7134 7156 7199 7306 7366 7410 7423 7425 7477 7692 7886 
8160 8530 8589 8690 8881 
9013 9576 9672 9683 9710

The prize winners are requested to confirm the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days

Next Pournami (RN-224) lottery draw will be held on 14/02/2016 at Sree Chithra Home Auditorioum, Nalumukku, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthpuram.

Welcome to www.keralalotteries.info. We today publish the Kerala lottery result published here in check easy format is the actual result published by Kerala Lottery Department in PDF format. Today on 07 February 2016; Sunday the draw of Kerala weekly lottery  Pournami (RN-223) is conducted, which is drawn on every Sundays. 

A Pournami lottery costs Rs.30/- per ticket and offers a first prize of Rs.65 lakh common to all series. The second prize is Rs. 5 lakh to 1 ticket common to all 10 series. Many other prizes down to Rs.100/- are available in this draw. All these details are printed on and back of the ticket. You can view all these things marked and explanations given on by visiting "Understanding Pournami Lottery" page. There are 8 slabs and one slab of 9 consolation prizes are drawn for this ticket. A total of  90 Lakh tickets are printed in 10 series at the maximum.  That decides the winning chances of a participant . If you want to have a look up on "Odds of winnings of Pournami, click here". Income tax and agency commissions are   There are some deductions such as Income tax and agency commission for some slab of prizes. These amounts will be reduced from your winning. You may be curious how much will be the deductions and hoe much will you get in final. Visit this page " The final amount to the winner" it will quench your anxiety. Prize Structures are up graded some times and new prizes are announced so don't forget to have a look on the current one. Please click here to view the complete prize structureand other details of Pournami lottery.  The permanent draw venue is  "Sree Chitra Home Auditorium located at Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Trivandrum". Kerala lottery draws are conducted very transparently and trust worthily in the presence of social dignitaries and public. 
In our site it is very easy to check your Kerala lottery results, especially last 4 digit prizes. if your last four digits are "4258", you have to check only the line starting with "4" in our check easy Kerala lottery results pages.
In the case of bumper lotteries the draw will start at 2:30 PM, the live Kerala lottery result of bumper lotteries will be available from 2:33 PM while official Kerala lottery result of the same will be published by 3:30 PM.

The Directorate of State Lotteries which is located at  Thiruvananthapuram, head quarters of Kerala state conducts draws of many lotteries since 1967 in the State of Kerala. The department was formed to help the government to find funds to execute some  projects and for philanthropic activities, now lottery revenue is one of the important source of income to the State government. These draws are conducted with high degree of transparency so that State lotteries are popular all over Kerala. There are 7 Weekly lotteries, 6 Bumper lotteries and 1 Bi-Weekly lottery conducted by Government of Kerala. All these draws are pre printed paper raffle lotteries. 

Live Result of Pournami (RN-223)  are to be released from 3:30 PM on wards based on the information from the drawing site and the Official complete result will be available by 4:30 PM. Please confirm the winning numbers published here with Kerala Government Gazette and surrender your winning tickets at proper points for the claim of prize as explained in "Prize Claim Procedure" with in 30 days of the draw. After 30 days from the draw the claim will be rejected by the Kerala lottery department.

 Full Result of Kerala lottery Pournami_RN-223
Kerala lottery Pournami_RN-223

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