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X-Mas New Year Bumper 2015-16 Winner of Rs.4 Crore!

Cherupuzha (Kannur): "X-Mas New Year Bumper-2015-16" is the Bumper Raffle Lottery conducted by Department of Lotteries under Ministry of Taxes of Kerala State of Indian Union Government. Raffle is a type of draw of lottery in which people obtain numbered tickets, each ticket having the chance of winning a prize. This times X-mas New Year Bumper draw was held on 15 Jan 2016 at Thiruvananthapuram capital city of Kerala State. The draw was conducted by 2:30 PM and the result was published by 3:30 PM. 

Let's have a quick look of Kerala lottery "X-Mas New Year Bumper-2016-16. The sale of this bumper lottery started on 17 Nov 2015 as soon as the draw of the previous Kerala lottery bumper "Pooja Bumper-2015" was drawn on the same day. The draw of Kerala lottery "X-Mas New Year Bumper" was fixed on 15.01.2016 allowing the Kerala lottery agents and re-sellers to sell the tickets for a span of 2 months. There are 6 numbers of Kerala Lotteries Bumpers in every year. Click here to read more about all these 6 bumper lotteries and 7 weekly lotteries drawn on every day. Kerala lottery results are published daily at 3:30PM in the official websites of Kerala Government Lottery Department, and

There were 45 lakh printed in 5 series XM, XO, XR, XS, and XT. 9 lakh tickets in each series from Numbers 100000 to 999999. Cost of a ticket was Rs.100/- and the prizes offered were; 1st prize: Rs.4 Crore, 2nd Prize: 5 X Rs.10 Lakh (one in each series), 3rd Prize: 5 X Rs.5 Lakh (one in each series), 4th Prize: Rs.1 Lakh, 5th Prize: Rs.10000, 6th Prize: Rs.5000, 7th Prize: Rs.1000, 8th Prize: Rs.500 and the last prize Rs.200.       

Now as the draw is over and the result is published the first prize winner of Kerala lottery has come forward from Kannur district of Kerala. Mr.Alaxander (Dennies) 48 years old  who is a wood merchant has won the first prize of Rs. 4 Crore. He will not be a rich man because he was a conductor
X-Mas New Year Bumper-2015-16_Winner_Kerala Lottery
in a private bus. He bought the winning ticket numbered XR-694040 from the Kerala Lottery Agency "Thampuran Kerala Lottery Agency" near Cherupuzha bus stand. The other 4 tickets with the same number and differ in series were also sold in the same agency. Those tickets won  a consolation prize of Rs.1,00,000/-. He used to buy Kerala lottery tickets regularly from the same agency shop. Though many smaller prizes were won by him, this is the first considerable prize he has won in Kerala lotteries. He lives with his wife Rani and 3 daughters who are students Dilna, Dona and Dalmia. all the best for the Winner!

What will the winner of Kerala lottery "X-Mas New Year Bumper-2015-16" get after the deductions? First 10% of the prize money will be deducted and given to the Kerala lottery agent who sold the ticket. Again 30% is deducted from the remaining amount as Income tax TDS. Thus the winner will be receiving a Demand Draft of Rs.2,52,00,000/- in lump sum.

Next Kerala Lottery Bumper will be "Summer Bumper-2016" which will be drawn in month of March 2016. Prize structure and the terms & conditions of Kerala Lottery "Summer Bumnper-2016" will be published here visit us frequently.

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