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Mumbai lady wins Rs.1 Crore in Karunya lottery!

Last Karunya draw of Kerala Lottery was held on 09/01/2016. The first prize Rs.1 crore was won by the number KT-144568. The ticket was sold at Kottayam. The winner of that Kerala Lottery is came to known as Mrs. Loretta Norona, who resides at Munbai for last 5 Years. She had to migrate to Mumbai with her daughter to live with her relatives since her son died in a bike accident in Kerala. Now she is working as a teacher at Mumbai.

She had reached Kollam to accompany her sister after her daughters marriage from Mumbai. She was on a travel to Kottayam to visit her her friend. As she was waiting for the bus at Kollam K.S.R.T.C bus stand, a Kerala lottery re-seller who seem to be a poor man by the style of dressing approached
her to sell Karunya Lottery of that week. Though Loretta refused to buy any Kerala lottery tickets from him, because of his compulsion and due to her mercy towards the Kerala lottery seller she bought a Kerala lottery of Karunya from him. "Karunya" literally means Mercy in Malayalam. As Loretta shown a little mercy to a poor man spending Rs. 50/-, has been returned with a gift of Rs. 1 crore as the first prize of Kerala Lottery "Karunya". She will be getting a lump sum of Rs.63 Lakhs after the deductions (10% for the Kerala lottery agent's commission and a 30% for the Income Tax TDS.

Many people who were spend their lives doing unsecured jobs and facing financial crisis in their older ages are getting at least an income enough to handle their basic needs without hard some work. It will be a gift in their life when a Kerala lottery wins a bumper prize, if they purchase the tickets with bills and resale them. If the Kerala lottery re seller purchases tickets from authorized Kerala lottery agents with bills and a ticket wins any of the first 3 prizes he can claim the agents commission of 10% from the authorized Kerala lottery agent. In the draw of Karunya lottery first prize the Kerala Lottery agent's commission will be Rs.7 Lakh after the taxes.


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