The winner of Kerala Lottery "Pooja Bumper-2015" is came to known as Mr. Vijayan.C residing at Chittur, Palakkad District. Vijayan works as the secretary in Moolathara Co-Operative Society. On 18th November, 2015 he has a right to be proud and happy as his Society had selected as the best Society in Palakkad district. Personally 17th of November 2015 was the luckiest day in his life for he has won the First Prize in the draw of Pooja Bumper-2015, conducted by Kerala State Government Lottery Department. The draw was held at at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram by 2:30 PM. The result was officially announced by 3:45 PM. Vijayan was not aware that he had become a Crorepathi by that evening. As he reached his agriculture farm next day his laborers urged him to check his Pooja Bumper-2015 tickets since the news has already spread that the first prize of this Kerala Bumper lottery has been won by a ticket sold in that area. Yes! He was the winner! He can hardly believe his luck till he reached the Kerala lottery agency to verify the result once again.

He has bought the ticket due to compulsion of Mr. Arogya Swamy the owner of  Nithya Lottery Agency. Some times Lady Luck chooses her own targets. The Kerala lottery ticket number was NA 766093 which was sold by the last days before the draw from the District Lottery Office, Palakkad. 

The Pooja Bumper-2015 lottery was conducted by The Department of Lotteries under the Ministry of Taxes, Kerala State Government. The sale of this Kerala Bumper Lottery started soon after the draw of Kerala Bumper Lottery "Thiruvonam Bumper-2015"  which bore a record breaking first prize of Rs. 7 Crore before Taxes. The sale of Kerala Lottery "Pooja Bumper-2015" started on 18.09.2015 and went on till 17.11.2015. The first prize offered was Rs.3 Crore and the second prize was Rs. 50 Lakh. The prize structure of Kerala Lottery "Pooja Bumper-2015" was designed to give away a maximum number of 54451 prizes varying from Rs. 3 Crore to Rs. 200. The price of a ticket was Rs.100/-. Total number of tickets planed to sell in 5 series were 40 Lakh. 

Kerala State Lottery Deparment conducts 6 Bumper draws in an year. Details and prize structures of all the bumper lotteries can be viewed by clicking here.  Next Kerala Bumper Lottery will be "X-mas New Year Bumper-2015-16". The sale of the same has already started and will be drawn on 15th of January,2016.

Back to Vijayan...He has forwarded his claim to The directorate of Kerala Lotteries through the bank after receiving the best Co- Operative Society Award along with his Society President P. Subbaiah. His first priority is to repay the loan taken to build his house. Nothing more than that is not decided now but he assure that he will do something good to the deserving. May he able to do so.......


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