It's time for the draw of Kerala lottery "Pooja Bumper-2015" conducted by the lottery department under the finance ministry of Government of Kerala. By tomorrow (17.11.2015) 2:30 PM the draw of Kerala lottery "Pooja Bumper-2015" will be held Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The draw will be held publically and many dignitaries and famous personalities will participate in the draw. The official result will be published by 3:30 PM.

The sale of Kerala lottery “Pooja Bumper-2015” started on 18.09.2015 soon after the draw of Kerala lottery “Thiruvonam Bumper-2015”. Now the sale is at final stage. The MRP of a ticket is Rs.100/-. The first prize to be awarded is Rs. 3 Crore. There are  5 series NA; VA; RA; TH & RI. There will be 8 Lakh tickets in a series thus a total of 40 lakh tickets. There are 10 tier of prizes including consolation prizes

You can view the result of Kerala lottery “Pooja Bumper-2015” by 3:30 PM tomorrow here.
All the best to the participants of “Pooja Bumper-2015”  to win fabulous prizes.

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