Kerala lottery Karunya Plus winner at chalakkudi (Trissur)

Yesterday's (23.07.2015; Thursday) Kerala lottery "Karunya Plus" first prize was won by a ticket sold at Thissur district lottery office. Now the winner is come forward with claim from Chalakkudy a near by town of Trissur. As you know the first prize winning number of Kerala lottery "Karunya Plus" was PT 431531, which was published in yesterday. This Kerala lottery offers Rs.1 Crore as the first prize. 

An youngster named Sarath, S/O Carumparmbil Balan who is residing at Konur, Chalakkudi has won the fabulous first prize of Rs.1 Crore. Sarath was working as a supervisor at Orange Bakery at Chalakkudi Town after competing his BSc hotel management course. "Kannan Lucky Center" is the Kerala lottery agency functioning nearby the bakery in which Sarath is working. He has purchased 3 Karunya Plus lottery tickets of Kerala state lotteries. One of those Kerala lotteries has brought him a huge amount in his younger age itself.

Kerala State Lottery Department under the State Government of Kerala conducts lottery draws everyday in Kerala. As run directly by government itself and conducted transparently, Kerala Lotteries are very famous in Kerala. The profits from Kerala lotteries is also an important source of income for Governments welfare projects. Especially the profits from the Kerala lotteries "Karunya" and "Karunya Plus" directly used for the treatment of poor people who are suffering from serious illness. "Karunya" and "Karunya Plus" are the biggest of the weekly Kerala lotteries conducted on Saturday and Thursday respectively both offering a first prize of Rs.1 crore.

A 10% from the first prize amount of Kerala lottery "Karunya Plus" ie, 10 Lakh will be deducted from the winner as agency commission and will be given to the Kerala lottery agent who sold the winning lottery ticket. Again 30% is deducted as Income Tax TDS. So Sarath will be getting an amount nearer to Rs.63 Lakhs.

All the best wishes for him to a prosperous life.  

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